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101 (Research):(1881 census) reports Residence is Ashdown Forest and as a Widow with son Edward and daughter Eliza living at home. CARD Abraham (I452)
102 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I21314)
103 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I21317)
104 (Research):Also used Isobel on some of the childrens birth records. YOUNG Elizabeth (I29740)
105 (Research):At the time of Alexanders baptism, John and his family where living in Akeld, which is in the Kirk-Newton Parish. Kirk-Newton is bounded on the north by the parishes of Ford, Carham and Branxton, on the west by Scotland, on the south by Coquetdale Ward, and on the east by Doddington and Wooler parishes. It comprises the townships of Akeld, Coldsmouth and Thompson's Walls, Coupland, Crookhouse, Grey's Forest, Heathpool, Howtell, Killiam, Kirk Newton, Lanton, Milfield, Newton West, Paston, Selby's Forest, and Yeavering whose united area is 37,976 acres. FRATER John (I577)
106 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I21324)
107 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I21326)
108 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I21335)
109 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1506)
110 (Research):deceased by 1986 of Brisbane ROBERTS Sidney E F (I7684)
111 (Research):Documents also found in Isabella Isabell Isabel and Elizabeth and in the surnames of Harvey Hervey and Herby.
In medieval times «i»Elizabeth«/i» was often rendered as «i»Isobel«/i» and this interchangeability, including the many variants of both names, still persists, at least throughout Scotland. 
HARVEY Isobel (Eliz) Isabella (I7446)
112 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7635)
113 (Research):In one community at least in this state can it be said that the faithful performance of public duty is appreciated and rewarded. John Taylor Frater, of Brainerd, is serving his fourth term as county treasurer of Crow Wing County. Mr. Frater is of Scotch descent on both sides of the family line. His grandfather, George Frater, was born in Roxburghshire Scotland, and came to America in 1818, locating in Wood County, Virginia. Subsequently he removed to Harrison County, Ohio. His business was that of farming and stock raising. He was an ardent anti-slavery advocate, and active in what was known as the underground railroad service. No fugitive slave ever applied at his "station" without receiving shelter and assistance to the next place of safety. John Taylor, grandfather of the subject of this sketch on the other side of the family line, was also a native of Roxburghshire, Scotland, and came to America in 1819, settling in Livingston County, New York, but subsequently removed to Wood County, Virginia. Mr. Frater holds the good name of his ancestors in high respect, and takes just pride in their sturdy character and homely virtues. John Taylor Frater was born April 19, 1848, on a farm near Uniontown, Belmont County, Ohio. His early educational advantages were very meagre, consisting of a country school, and much of the time only three months in the year. The year 1869 he spent in the preparatory course in the Ohio Central College at Iberia, Ohio, but left there just when he got fairly started because of lack of means. Subsequently he took a course in bookkeeping in Duff's Commercial College at Pittsburgh. He first taught school in the winter of 1870 and 1871, by which he earned the first money he ever possessed as a result of his own efforts, and by this means accumulated about $400, which he spent on his education. In 1875 he went into a grocery business in Iberia, and continued it with moderate success for about five years. In 1881 Mr. Frater came to Minnesota, arriving in December, and locating at Brainerd, where he has been a resident since that time. He came West believing that there was better opportunity for young men here than in his native state. His first business connections were with the Northern Pacific Railroad Company as clerk for the chief road-master, and he was employed by the company until November 1, 1883, at which time to force of employees was greatly reduced. He then secured a situation as a bookkeeper and held it for five years, until June 1, 1889, when he was elected to the office of county treasurer, which position he has held continuously, having been elected four times, the last three elections without opposition. It is needless to say that Mr. Frater is a Republican, and is an active worker for his party's success. He has been honored by his fellow Republicans with numerous elections to important local and state conventions. Mr. Frater is president of the Republican League Club, has recently been elected chairman of the Republican county committee, is a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Knights of Pythias. He is not a member, but is an attendant and supporter of the Congregational church. Mr. Frater was married October 14, 1874, to Miss Julia A. V. Myers of Iberia Ohio. (Progressive Men of Minnesota, Edited by Marion D. Shutter, D. D., and J. S. McLain, M. A., The Minneapolis Journal, Minneapolis, Minnesota: 1897; p. 53) FRATER John Taylor (I29427)
114 (Research):Name: Charles Maitland Age: 22 Birth Year: abt 1852 Ship Name: Winefred Port of departure: London, England Port of arrival: Moreton Bay Arrival Date: 14 Jan 1874 MAITLAND Charles (I16195)
115 (Research):Name: Elizabeth Maitland Age: 22 Birth Year: abt 1852 Ship Name: Winefred Port of departure: London, England Port of arrival: Moreton Bay Arrival Date: 14 Jan 1874 SEWELL Elizabeth (I16190)
116 (Research):Name:«tab»Adam E McCulloch Cliff
Birth Date:«tab»abt 1891
Port of Departure:«tab»Wellington, New Zealand
Arrival date:«tab»11 Jul 1929
Port of Arrival:«tab»Southampton, England
Ship Name:«tab»Tamaroa 
CLIFF Adam Edward (I29016)
117 (Research):Name:«tab»Edward James Hawkins
Record Type:«tab»Manifests
Birth Date:«tab»abt 1907
Birth Country:«tab»England
Arrival date:«tab»26 Apr 1925
Port of Arrival:«tab»Quebec, Canada
Ship Name:«tab»Aurania
Residence Country:«tab»England
Line Number:«tab»19 
HAWKINS Edward James (I29348)
118 (Research):Name:«tab»Eleanor W. Bowen
Last Residence:«tab»
49633 Fife Lake, Grand Traverse, Michigan
BORN:«tab»8 Mar 1915
Died:«tab»11 Nov 2005
State (Year) SSN issued:«tab»Michigan (Before 1951)
Name:«tab»Eleanor W Bowen
Birth Date:«tab»8 Mar 1915
Address:«tab»80 Old Route 28, Ossipee, NH, 03864-7362 (1993)
[PO Box 243, Ossipee, NH, 03864-0243]
[80 Old Route 28, Ossipee, NH, 03864-7362 (1996)]
BOWEN Eleanor Wilberta (I29434)
119 (Research):Name:«tab»Geo Kinghorn
Discharge Age:«tab»19
Birth Date:«tab»abt 1785
Birth Place:«tab»Ednam Roxburgh
Discharge Year:«tab»1804
Regiment:«tab»Rl Horse 
KINGHORN George (I29711)
120 (Research):Name:«tab»Isabel A Anderson
Arrival Date:«tab»15 Dec 1932
Birth Date:«tab»27 Apr 1909
Birth Location:«tab»Ohio
Birth Location Other:«tab»Steubenville
Port of Departure:«tab»New York, New York
Port of Arrival:«tab»New York, New York
Ship Name:«tab»Columbus

Name:«tab»Isobel A. Anderson
Last Residence:«tab»
06107 W Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
BORN:«tab»27 Apr 1909
Died:«tab»14 Sep 1994
State (Year) SSN issued:«tab»Michigan (Before 1951) 
ANDERSON Isabel Arnott (I19043)
121 (Research):Name:«tab»Jane Frater
Birth Date:«tab»6 Feb 1848
Birth Place:«tab», Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland
Baptism Place:«tab», Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland
Father:«tab»John Frater
Mother:«tab»Agnes Hetly
FHL Film Number:«tab»1067954
Reference ID:«tab»2:18FPC6X 
FRATER Jane (I7473)
122 (Research):Name:«tab»Kelly Acheson Henderson
Age at Death:«tab»75
Birth Date:«tab»24 Dec 1903
Death Date:«tab»22 Apr 1979
Death Place:«tab»Lee, Florida, United States 
HENDERSON Kelly Acheson (I28912)
123 (Research):Name:«tab»Margaret Milne Anderson
[Margaret Anderson Clough]
[Margaret Clough]
Birth Date:«tab»15 Jul 1906
Birth Place:«tab»Steubenville, Ohio
Death Date:«tab»18 Apr 2003
Father:«tab»Laurence Anderson
Mother:«tab»Ann Jacks
Type of Claim:«tab»Original SSN.
Notes:«tab»May 1937: Name listed as MARGARET MILNE ANDERSON; Nov 1962: Name listed as MARGARET ANDERSON CLOUGH; 29 Apr 2003: Name listed as MARGARET A CLOUGH

Passport Application 1923
Name:«tab»Margaret Milne Anderson
Birth Date:«tab»15 Jul 1906
Birth Place:«tab»Steubenville, Ohio
Passport Issue Date:«tab»6 Aug 1923
Passport Includes a Photo:«tab»Yes
Residence:«tab»Hartford, Connecticut
Father Name:«tab»Laurence Anderson
Father's Birth Location:«tab»Jaline, Scotland
Father's Residence:«tab»Hartford, Connecticut

Name:«tab»Margeret Milne Anderson
Arrival Date:«tab»31 Aug 1924
Birth Date:«tab»15 Jul 1906
Birth Location:«tab»Ohio
Birth Location Other:«tab»Steubenville
Port of Departure:«tab»Glasgow, Scotland
Port of Arrival:«tab»New York, New York
Ship Name:«tab»Cameronia

Name:«tab»Margaret Milne Anderson
Arrival Date:«tab»13 Oct 1936
Birth Date:«tab»abt 1906
Birth Location:«tab»Ohio
Birth Location Other:«tab»Steubenville
Port of Departure:«tab»Glasgow, Scotland
Port of Arrival:«tab»New York, New York
Ship Name:«tab»Cameronia 
ANDERSON Margaret Milne (I19042)
124 (Research):Name:«tab»Thomas Lyle Henderson
Birth Date:«tab»13 Dec 1901
Birth Place:«tab»Oregon
Death Date:«tab»14 Aug 1970
Death Place:«tab»Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia
Burial Date:«tab»18 Aug 1970
Burial Place:«tab»Belmont County, Ohio
Cemetery Name:«tab»Unity Cemetery
Death Age:«tab»68
Occupation:«tab»Coal Miner
Marital Status:«tab»Married
Residence:«tab»New Athens, Harrison, Ohio
Father Name:«tab»G. E. Henderson
Mother Name:«tab»Anna Lyle
Spouse Name:«tab»Arlene Griswold
FHL Film Number:«tab»857812 
HENDERSON Thomas Lyle (I28911)
125 (Research):Name«tab»Robert George Jackson
Birth Date«tab»3 May 1924
Birth Place«tab»Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Death Date«tab»11 Jun 2005
Father«tab»Robert Jackson
Mother«tab»Freda Trichel
Notes«tab»Jun 1942: Name listed as ROBERT GEORGE JACKSON; 25 Jun 2005: Name listed as ROBERT G JACKSON 
JACKSON Robert George (I28039)
126 (Research):On the 1861 census for Jacob and Rachel Tait is a Grandaughter Rachel Dunn born abt 1857....

Name:«tab»Rachel Tait
Birth Date:«tab»14 Jan 1857
Birth Place:«tab»Yetholm,Roxburgh,Scotland
Mother:«tab»Janet Tait

Also on the 1881 census for Rachel Tait aged 76 is a grandaughter Rachel Dunn birth abt 1854 and I believe a great grandson Andrew Dunn aged 1 year old.
And another granddaughter Agnes Blythe aged 15

In the 1871 census Agnes is also with her grandparents along with Rachel ( tho Rachel has the surname of Tait)

Name:«tab»Agnes Blythe
Birth Date:«tab»11 Aug 1864
Birth Place:«tab»Earlston,Berwick,Scotland
Father:«tab»Alexander Blythe
Mother:«tab»Janet Tait 
TAIT Jacob (I7618)
127 (Research):Private, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age: 19. DAVIDSON Charles Greig (I29195)
128 (Research):Probate Effects £250. FRATER George Kenneth (I13945)
129 (Research):Sandra has his name as Hamilton Warren O'Hara and birth as Feb 1897?? O'HARA Warren Hamilton (I6848)
130 (Research):See attached sources. CARD John (I37)
131 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER William Phillip (I49)
132 (Research):See attached sources. LAWRENCE Barbara Jane (Agda) (I572)
133 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER Penelope (I582)
134 (Research):See attached sources. GULLETT Henry Baynton Somer (Jo) (I637)
135 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER Walter Douglas (I713)
136 (Research):See attached sources. LAWRENCE Eva May (I20121)
137 (Research):See attached sources. JOBBINS Henry (I21115)
138 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER Robert Allen (I28858)
139 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER Mark (I28989)
140 (Research):Situated between the dramatic Cheviot Hills to the west and the North Sea coast to the east, Crookham village is set within a circle of small rural communities that encircle the great Milfield plain in north Northumberland. It lies on a bend of the meandering river Till. Glacial activity created a kettle moraine style of ground in the area, composed for the most part of sand and gravel. The name Crookham is thought to have Anglo-Saxon origins, Crookham being taken from 'crucum', meaning 'at the bends of the river'.
The village is near to the Scottish border; geographically it is 4 miles southeast of Coldstream and 9 miles northwest of Wooler. Looking through various published sources it is possible to see that Crookham has always been a modest sized village. Early in the nineteenth century the village is described as being 'principally of one street of 44 houses'. At this time there was a school too; interestingly by mid-century it was being used as a school and also a chapel of ease to Ford church. At the end of the century it was disused as a school and was solely for the purposes of Sunday services by the rector of Ford or minister of Etal.
As Crookham approached the twentieth century, it had the use of several commercial businesses. Among traders in the village were a carter, shopkeepers, joiner/cartwrights, a blacksmith, tailor, market gardener and an insurance agent. The nearest railway station was 4 miles away at Coldstream, on the Kelso branch of the North Eastern railway. Today is remains a quiet village on the border, enjoying a peaceful setting in a beautiful area. 
FRATER Alexander (I575)
141 (Research):Title: Asthenia or the Hawkesbury look-out / James Royce Chamberlain.
Author: Chamberlain, James Royce.
Published: Ilfracombe : Stockwell, 1981.
Notes: Poetry in English. 
CHAMBERLAIN James Royce (I21292)
142 (Research):«b»Transcription of text in document«/b»
Out-Ging Pasengers; Ship's Name: Letitia; Official Number: 133033; Steamship Line: Donaldson; Master's Name: Wm McNeill; Bound: St John N.B.; Date of Departure: 5th April 1913; Names and Descriptions of British Passengers Embarked at the Port of Glasgow; Contract Ticket No. 5780

Class: 3rd
Port at which Passengers have contracted to land: St John NB
Occupation: Farm hand
Not Accompanied by husband or wife
Age: 17
Country of Last Permanent Residence: Scotland
Country of Future Intended Permanent Residence: Canada 
WOOD James (I14438)
143 (Research):«b»«i»From the (Gloucester?) Examiner 28/4/1902:«/b» SUTTON: Another, though brief, resident of the town passed over to the great majority on Friday morning last. The death of Mrs D.C.Sutton after an illness of nearly 12 months duration . The deceased had resided with her husband in Bulahdelah up to a few weeks ago. When she moved there for better medical treatment she had been suffering from an internal complaint and no satisfactory diagnosis of her case made the task of trying to restore her to health all the more difficult, but it is doubtful if a permanent cure could have been affected. Her demise is regretted by a large number of friends and relatives and sympathy is freely expresed for the husband and family of 6 children the yongest of whom is small. The remains were interred in the C/E cemetery on Saturday when a large gathering paid their last tribute of respect to the departed lady. The Rev E.LaBarte officiating at the grave. We deeply sympathize with Mr Sutton in the loss he has sustained.
WEST Harriet (I4134)
144 (Research):«b»«i»The Shaftesbury Reformatory School«/b»«/i» opened in 1880 on a site on Old South Head Road (in the present-day suburb of Vaucluse), as a replacement for the Biloela Reformatory School for Females on Cockatoo Island. It included a series of cottages and three solitary cells surrounded by high fences, and usually housed a total of around 20 girls for one to five years. In 1904, the Shaftesbury Reformatory School was moved to Ormond House in Paddington and the site was returned to the Comptroller of Prisons.
1984 «i»Phillis Frater«/i» was sent to Shaftesbury for 2 years. (See Newspaper Clippings) 
FRATER Phyllis (Annie) (I28866)
145 (Research):«b»«i»UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services, 1848-1939«/b»«/i»
Name:«tab»Andrew Cockburn Kinghorn
Birth Date:«tab»24 Mar 1890
Birth Place:«tab»Kels?? Roxburgh
First Service Date:«tab»25 Jul 1908
First Ship Served On:«tab»Vivid II
Last Service Date:«tab»21 Aug 1920
Last Ship Served On:«tab»Vivid II
Service Number:«tab»K988 
KINGHORN Andrew Cockburn (I8051)
146 (Research):«b»«i»UK, Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services, 1848-1939«/b»«/i»
Name:«tab»Robert Cockburn
Birth Date:«tab»6 Dec 1892
Birth Place:«tab»Edinburgh
First Service Date:«tab»28 Mar 1909
First Ship Served On:«tab»Ganges
Last Service Date:«tab»6 Jun 1919
Last Ship Served On:«tab»Pembroke I
Service Number:«tab»J4132 
COCKBURN Robert (I12552)
147 (Research):«i» «b» Funeral notice in Newcastle Morning Herald 19 Sept. 1942.«/b»"PITTS- The relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs Edwin SUTTON and family, Mr. John PITTS and family, Mr. and Mrs Michael PITTS and family, the late Henry LIMEBURNER family and the late James PITTS family are invited to attend the funeral of their late beloved brother, brother-in-law and uncle George PITTS to move from St. Pauls Church of England, Stockton this afternoon at 2.30 O'clock for the Church of England cemetery, Stockton."3"PITTS- The relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley HOPKINS, Mr and Mrs Herbert CUMMINGS, Mr and Mrs Bernard BLANCH and Mr and Mrs Herbert PITTS and families are invited to attend the funeral of their late beloved father, father-in-law and grandfather George PITTS etc."3"PITTS- The relatives and friends of Mrs Hannah DAWSON, Mr. Joseph COX, Mr and Mrs Thomas COX, Mr and Mrs Peter McLEAN, Mr and Mrs John COULTER, Mrs Ernest MAHER, Mr. and Mrs Henry COX, Mr and Mrs Colin McLEAN, the WILLIAMS family and Mrs Susana COX and their families are invited to attend the funeral of their late brother-in law and uncle George PITTS etc" PITTS George (I938)
148 (Research):«i»ARRIVAL: 14 Feb 1926 on board "Bendigo"«/i» MAINPRIZE Clara Annie (I4275)
149 (Research):«i»ARRIVAL: 9 April 1855 on board "Speedy". Departed Southampton 5 January 1855, at the age of 1 year old with his parents. «/i» SUTTON Adnet James (I1815)
150 (Research):«i»ARRIVAL: 9 April 1855 on board "Speedy". Departed Southampton 5 January 1855. The SMO recor ds show the "Speedy" of Liverpool was 1031 tons burthen and sailed out of Southampton. They were bounty immigrants and he got one pound for coming. He was sponsored by John Smith of Maitland and the cost to Smith was 6 pounds.«/i»

«i»SUTTON Adnet 1 and family Speedy 1855 2137, 2471SUTTON David 29 and family Speedy 1855 2137, 2471 SUTTON Eliza 22 and family Speedy 1855 2137, 2471«/i» 
SUTTON David Adnet (I1806)

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