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151 (Research):Name:?tab?Isabel A Anderson
Arrival Date:?tab?15 Dec 1932
Birth Date:?tab?27 Apr 1909
Birth Location:?tab?Ohio
Birth Location Other:?tab?Steubenville
Port of Departure:?tab?New York, New York
Port of Arrival:?tab?New York, New York
Ship Name:?tab?Columbus

Name:?tab?Isobel A. Anderson
Last Residence:?tab?
06107 W Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
BORN:?tab?27 Apr 1909
Died:?tab?14 Sep 1994
State (Year) SSN issued:?tab?Michigan (Before 1951) 
ANDERSON, Isabel Arnott (I19043)
152 (Research):Name:?tab?Jane Frater
Birth Date:?tab?6 Feb 1848
Birth Place:?tab?, Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland
Baptism Place:?tab?, Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland
Father:?tab?John Frater
Mother:?tab?Agnes Hetly
FHL Film Number:?tab?1067954
Reference ID:?tab?2:18FPC6X 
FRATER, Jane (I7473)
153 (Research):Name:?tab?Kelly Acheson Henderson
Age at Death:?tab?75
Birth Date:?tab?24 Dec 1903
Death Date:?tab?22 Apr 1979
Death Place:?tab?Lee, Florida, United States 
HENDERSON, Kelly Acheson (I28912)
154 (Research):Name:?tab?Margaret Milne Anderson
[Margaret Anderson Clough]
[Margaret Clough]
Birth Date:?tab?15 Jul 1906
Birth Place:?tab?Steubenville, Ohio
Death Date:?tab?18 Apr 2003
Father:?tab?Laurence Anderson
Mother:?tab?Ann Jacks
Type of Claim:?tab?Original SSN.
Notes:?tab?May 1937: Name listed as MARGARET MILNE ANDERSON; Nov 1962: Name listed as MARGARET ANDERSON CLOUGH; 29 Apr 2003: Name listed as MARGARET A CLOUGH

Passport Application 1923
Name:?tab?Margaret Milne Anderson
Birth Date:?tab?15 Jul 1906
Birth Place:?tab?Steubenville, Ohio
Passport Issue Date:?tab?6 Aug 1923
Passport Includes a Photo:?tab?Yes
Residence:?tab?Hartford, Connecticut
Father Name:?tab?Laurence Anderson
Father's Birth Location:?tab?Jaline, Scotland
Father's Residence:?tab?Hartford, Connecticut

Name:?tab?Margeret Milne Anderson
Arrival Date:?tab?31 Aug 1924
Birth Date:?tab?15 Jul 1906
Birth Location:?tab?Ohio
Birth Location Other:?tab?Steubenville
Port of Departure:?tab?Glasgow, Scotland
Port of Arrival:?tab?New York, New York
Ship Name:?tab?Cameronia

Name:?tab?Margaret Milne Anderson
Arrival Date:?tab?13 Oct 1936
Birth Date:?tab?abt 1906
Birth Location:?tab?Ohio
Birth Location Other:?tab?Steubenville
Port of Departure:?tab?Glasgow, Scotland
Port of Arrival:?tab?New York, New York
Ship Name:?tab?Cameronia 
ANDERSON, Margaret Milne (I19042)
155 (Research):Name:?tab?Mary Ann Evans
Birth Year:?tab?1825
Native Place:?tab?London, England
Arrival Year:?tab?1840
Certificate Date:?tab?8 Nov 1845
Name:?tab?Mary Ann Evans
Birth Year:?tab?abt 1825
Birth Place:?tab?London
Arrival Year:?tab?1840
Arrival State:?tab?New South Wales
Ship:?tab?Surry 9
Occupation:?tab?childs maid
EVANS, Mary Ann (I45)
156 (Research):Name:?tab?Robert Guy Frater
Initiation Age:?tab?32
Birth Year:?tab?abt 1885
Initiation Date:?tab?1 Aug 1917
First Payment Year on Register:?tab?1917
Year Range:?tab?1910-1921
Profession:?tab?W. O./ R. N. A. S.
Lodge:?tab?Royal Navy Lodge
Lodge Location:?tab?Ramsgate
Lodge Number:?tab?429
Folio Number:?tab?9 
FRATER, Robert (Weed) Guy (I635)
157 (Research):Name:?tab?Thomas Lyle Henderson
Birth Date:?tab?13 Dec 1901
Birth Place:?tab?Oregon
Death Date:?tab?14 Aug 1970
Death Place:?tab?Wheeling, Ohio, West Virginia
Burial Date:?tab?18 Aug 1970
Burial Place:?tab?Belmont County, Ohio
Cemetery Name:?tab?Unity Cemetery
Death Age:?tab?68
Occupation:?tab?Coal Miner
Marital Status:?tab?Married
Residence:?tab?New Athens, Harrison, Ohio
Father Name:?tab?G. E. Henderson
Mother Name:?tab?Anna Lyle
Spouse Name:?tab?Arlene Griswold
FHL Film Number:?tab?857812 
HENDERSON, Thomas Lyle (I28911)
158 (Research):Name?tab?Alfred Morton Patrick
Birth Date?tab?8 Jul 1924
Age at event?tab?40
Court District?tab?California
Date of Action?tab?18 Nov 1964 
PATRICK, Alfred Morton (I30785)
159 (Research):Name?tab?Robert George Jackson
Birth Date?tab?3 May 1924
Birth Place?tab?Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Death Date?tab?11 Jun 2005
Father?tab?Robert Jackson
Mother?tab?Freda Trichel
Notes?tab?Jun 1942: Name listed as ROBERT GEORGE JACKSON; 25 Jun 2005: Name listed as ROBERT G JACKSON 
JACKSON, Robert George (I28039)
160 (Research):On the 1861 census for Jacob and Rachel Tait is a Grandaughter Rachel Dunn born abt 1857....

Name:?tab?Rachel Tait
Birth Date:?tab?14 Jan 1857
Birth Place:?tab?Yetholm,Roxburgh,Scotland
Mother:?tab?Janet Tait

Also on the 1881 census for Rachel Tait aged 76 is a grandaughter Rachel Dunn birth abt 1854 and I believe a great grandson Andrew Dunn aged 1 year old.
And another granddaughter Agnes Blythe aged 15

In the 1871 census Agnes is also with her grandparents along with Rachel ( tho Rachel has the surname of Tait)

Name:?tab?Agnes Blythe
Birth Date:?tab?11 Aug 1864
Birth Place:?tab?Earlston,Berwick,Scotland
Father:?tab?Alexander Blythe
Mother:?tab?Janet Tait 
TAIT, Jacob (I7618)
161 (Research):Private, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders). Age: 19. DAVIDSON, Charles Greig (I29195)
162 (Research):Probate Effects ?250. FRATER, George Kenneth (I13945)
163 (Research):Sandra has his name as Hamilton Warren O'Hara and birth as Feb 1897?? O'HARA, Warren Hamilton (I6848)
164 (Research):See attached sources. CARD, John (I37)
165 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER, William Phillip (I49)
166 (Research):See attached sources. LAWRENCE, Barbara Jane (Agda) (I572)
167 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER, Penelope (I582)
168 (Research):See attached sources. GULLETT, Henry Baynton Somer (Jo) (I637)
169 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER, Walter Douglas (I713)
170 (Research):See attached sources. LAWRENCE, Eva May (I20121)
171 (Research):See attached sources. JOBBINS, Henry (I21115)
172 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER, Robert Allen (I28858)
173 (Research):See attached sources. FRATER, Mark (I28989)
174 (Research):See attached sources. JACKSON, Walter Offord (I30642)
175 (Research):Situated between the dramatic Cheviot Hills to the west and the North Sea coast to the east, Crookham village is set within a circle of small rural communities that encircle the great Milfield plain in north Northumberland. It lies on a bend of the meandering river Till. Glacial activity created a kettle moraine style of ground in the area, composed for the most part of sand and gravel. The name Crookham is thought to have Anglo-Saxon origins, Crookham being taken from 'crucum', meaning 'at the bends of the river'.
The village is near to the Scottish border; geographically it is 4 miles southeast of Coldstream and 9 miles northwest of Wooler. Looking through various published sources it is possible to see that Crookham has always been a modest sized village. Early in the nineteenth century the village is described as being 'principally of one street of 44 houses'. At this time there was a school too; interestingly by mid-century it was being used as a school and also a chapel of ease to Ford church. At the end of the century it was disused as a school and was solely for the purposes of Sunday services by the rector of Ford or minister of Etal.
As Crookham approached the twentieth century, it had the use of several commercial businesses. Among traders in the village were a carter, shopkeepers, joiner/cartwrights, a blacksmith, tailor, market gardener and an insurance agent. The nearest railway station was 4 miles away at Coldstream, on the Kelso branch of the North Eastern railway. Today is remains a quiet village on the border, enjoying a peaceful setting in a beautiful area. 
FRATER, Alexander (I575)
176 (Research):Title: Asthenia or the Hawkesbury look-out / James Royce Chamberlain.
Author: Chamberlain, James Royce.
Published: Ilfracombe : Stockwell, 1981.
Notes: Poetry in English. 
CHAMBERLAIN, James Royce (I21292)
177 (Soldier) CARD, Charles Herbert (I34)
178 (Soldier) CARD, Charles Herbert (I34)
179 (Soldier) CARD, Charles Herbert (I34)
180 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I15327)
181 (Worked as a Oxy Welder) PITTS, Milton Howard (I13967)
182 (Worked as Labourer) PITTS, George Thomas (I1622)
183 (Worked as Moulder) PITTS, William George (I13975)
184 (Working as a Cartaker) PITTS, Roydon (I13959)
185 (Working as a Tram Conductor) PITTS, Roydon (I13959)
186 (Working as Tram Conductor) PITTS, Roydon (I13959)
187 (Working as Tram Conductor) PITTS, Roydon (I13959)
188 . Immigrated to Rochester, Monroe Co, New York Summer cottage on Canandaigua Lake, Middlesex, Ontario, New York. Retired to St. Petersburg, Florida and died there on 25 April1989 EADIE, Robert (I19314)
189 1 Child. Family F3492
190 1 Combie St, Oban. Father present at birth. MCDOUGALL, Alexander (I8413)
191 1 Day EWART, Lizzie (I27654)
192 1 day EWART, David (I27662)
193 1 day EWART, David (I27663)
194 1 day old EWART, James (I27592)
195 1 Jan 1852 ? Port Jackson ,Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Arrived cargo ship,age 17yrs, midshipman on "Carnatic" jumped ship in Sydney.Was never traced by Authority. 
MORRIS, William (I23396)
196 1 Son and 4 daughters Family F4992
197 1 Son... Family F4993
198 1 year old FITZGERALD, Kevin Frances (I28594)
199 Carlyle Kay (1886?1963) m. Pearl Maud Wasson (c1887?1960)

Carlyle Kay, whose birth was registered at Moree NSW in 1886, was the son of ALFRED HORSLEY KAY and ELIZA JANE NEAVES; Eliza died in 1888. Carlyle, hairdresser at Tighes Hill, married Pearl Maud Wasson of Armidale NSW on 11 May1910 at St Mark's Church of England, Islington, Wickham NSW. Pearl's parents were JOHN THOMAS WASSON (born 1834, Co Tyrone, Ireland, died 1914 at Armidale) and MARY JANE GURR (born 1847 Maitland NSW; died 1921, New Lambton NSW; she had married John in 1870 at Scone NSW).

Carlyle and Pearl had seven or eight children.

ELLEN JANE KAY (birth registered at Wickham NSW in 1911; marriage to Robert J Lowe registered at Gosford NSW in 1929),
PHYLLIS MARY KAY (born 1913, birth registered at Wickham; died 1995 at Noraville NSW; grandmother of Samantha McDonald; married Norman S French (marriage registered at Hamilton in 1933); married William James Finnigan at Newtown in 1949),
CARLYLE HORSLEY JOHN KAY (born 1914 at Newcastle, birth registered at Wickham; died 1946 at The Entrance NSW; marriage to Janet Clare Gallagher registered at North Sydney in 1943; Carlyle enlisted in the Australian Army in May 1941, noting his 'locality' at the time as The Entrance NSW and next-of-kin as Carlyle Kay; he was discharged from the Army as a Gunner with Heavy Artillery Fixed Defence in September 1943),
FREDERICK NEVES KAY (born 1915 at Newcastle, birth registered at Wickham; died 1946 at The Entrance; marriage to Edna June Mills registered at Albury NSW in 1945; Frederick enlisted in the Australian Army at Darwin NT in 1942, noting his 'locality' at the time as Tuggerah Lakes NSW; he was discharged from the Army as a Private with Sparrow Force on 26 November 1945),
ARTHUR SYDNEY KAY (born 1920, Newcastle NSW; died 1978 at Booker Bay NSW; married Doris Rose Glensman at Wyong in 1940; Arthur enlisted in the Australian Army at Ingleburn NSW in October 1942, noting his 'locality' at the time as Rozelle NSW and next-of-kin as Doris Kay; he was discharged from the Army as a Gunner with the Heavy Artillery CFD in June 1946),
TORIA KAY (born 1926, Newcastle NSW; the marriage of a Toria Kay and Keith Douglas Newitt was registered at Waverley NSW in 1945; the marriage of a Toria Newitt and Walter Milne was registered at Newtown NSW in 1953),
LYDIA MAUD KAY (born 1926, Newcastle NSW; death (resulting from appendicitis) registered at Newcastle NSW in 1935)) and possibly
MAUDE KAY (no other details known, not listed on father's death certificate; perhaps this was Lydia above or died near birth),

Pearle Maud Kay n?e Wasson died in March 1960 aged 73; Carlyle Kay died in February 1963 at The Entrance; both wereburied in the Church of England Cemetery, Wamberal NSW. 
KAY, Carlyle (I3303)
200 10 children Family F4998

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