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51 (Medical):Austral Coal. JACKSON Bertram J (I1869)
52 (Medical):Carcinoma Surperior Maxillae (left) ( Cancer of the left Jaw) following an operation on the 29 May 1926. CRAIG Peter Hay (I7724)
53 (Medical):Coroners Report, Newcastle Hospital, NSW 23rd March 1934 KAGEN Henry Douglas (I4354)
54 (Medical):Death From Gunshot Wounds :- A finding of death from gunshot wounds self-inflicted was recorded by the coroner at Junee after inquiring into the death of Alfred Rapley, 62, farmer, of Marrar. The coroner added that he was unable to say wheather the wounds were caused accidentally or otherwise. Argus (Melbourne, Vic) Tuesday 13 Feb 1945 (Newspaper) RAPLEY Alfred (I6034)
55 (Medical):Deceased had been assisting one of the boiler furnacemen to trim forward the dross or "gum," which was stored in a large hopper erected in front of the stoke hole. He was seen leaving the hopper, but appears to have re-entered it unobserved, and to have slid down amongst the gum towards one of the shoots, from which it was shovelled into the furnaces. About an hour afterwards, his body gravitated to the shoot, and was discovered by one of the furnacemen. Death was due to suffocation. SIMS Henry William (I1425)
56 (Medical):Died from trying to to stop a wagon of hay being pulled by a team of horses. SMALL James (I18217)
57 (Medical):Died Ten days later from injuries. SANDERSON George (I10307)
58 (Medical):Finding at Inquest held at Sydney. WEINTZ Leonhard (I1566)
59 (Medical):Finding at inquest held at Wagga Wagga on the 8th and 14th days of November, 1917.
On 21/11/1917 it was found by the Coroner F.C. Stellway that indeed Miss Grace Hughes was wilfully murdered by violence by James Alexander Stewart or Stuart. 
HUGHES Grace Lipscomb (I6019)
60 (Medical):Fractured skull recirved on Pacific Highway Hexham, when the motor car in which she was a passenger, then being negligently driven, collided with a bridge post.
Finding at an inquest held on the 3 Sep 1953 at Newcastle - T C See, Coroner 3 Sep 1953. 
PITTS Mavis Marie (I299)
61 (Medical):Had colon cancer. Lived many years with a colostomy bag. SANDERSON George Arthur (Buck) (I11096)
62 (Medical):Had diabetes and TB SANDERSON Elizabeth (Lilly) (I11108)
63 (Medical):Had MS and required extensive care until her death BOBESKO Ria (I11100)
64 (Medical):Harriet died from burns recieved when her hair caught alight from a lamp she was sitting beside while combing her hair. SMALL Harriet Ann (I18216)
65 (Medical):He had very good health most of his life but after my mum died he had a clot in his arm then he was diagnosed with lung cancer and that was what he died of. He had been in the fire service for 25 years of his life breathing in smoke at fires and smoked about 40 a day from age 10 to age 74. MACLEAN George Brown (I9289)
66 (Medical):Inquest adjourned at Taree on the 17 Feb 1964 by P.F Moran, Coroner. PITTS Constance (Connie) (I308)
67 (Medical):Inquest despensed with - A G Chiplin, Coroner, 19 Mar 1940. PITTS James William (I294)
68 (Medical):Inquest dispenced with on 4th January 1968 by JJ Loomes, city coroner and coroner for NSW. FRATER Mary Isabella (I583)
69 (Medical):Inquest dispensed with on 8th July 1969, Leonard James Nash, coroner for Parramatta District. FRATER Eva Lindsay Carveth (I2679)
70 (Medical):Inquest held at Court House, Inverell on 16th October 1956 by LJ Cloonan, coroner. FRATER Diane (I1431)
71 (Medical):Inquest held at Court House, Inverell on 16th October 1956 by LJ Cloonan, coroner. POLLOCK Marjorie Nora (I2390)
72 (Medical):Inquest held at Court House, Inverell on 16th October 1956 by LJ Cloonan, coroner. FRATER Susan (I2403)
73 (Medical):Inquest held at Wingham on the 24 Aug 1967 by A.J.Baker, Coroner. PITTS James (I309)
74 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11593)
75 (Medical):Last seen on the 24th Jan, found dead on the 27th Jan 1921. FRATER John (I9761)
76 (Medical):Lindsay was one of a party of youths returning from a shooting trip, A rifle went off while he was examining it and he was shot in the head, He died soon after in Tamworth Base Hospital. WEIK Lindsay Francis (I23436)
77 (Medical):Marasmus is caused by a severe deficiency of nearly all nutrients, especially protein, carbohydrates, and liquids. ALLAN Richard (I22853)
78 (Medical):Nellie lost an eye to cancer about 1960. She had several strokes during her 80's and 90's and lived in a nursing home in Maple Creek, Sask for many years after leaving the farm near Senate, Sask (Notes from Brent Rempel 15 Jun 2008) PIERCE Anne Ellen (I11091)
79 (Medical):New End Hospital - The workhouse and infirmary at New End became a military hospital during the First World War, and received such facilities as an X-ray unit and operating theatre. It was returned to the Hampstead guardians after the war and was thenceforth called New End hospital. In 1929 it was taken over by the L.C.C. and in 1938 was a general municipal hospital with 260 beds, including 26 for children and 19 maternity, and out-patients' and casualty departments. The premises were old and on a restricted site, but the maternity beds in particular were much needed. Management was taken over by the N.W. regional hospital board in 1948, and the X-ray and physiotherapy departments were enlarged. Thyroid surgery was developed from 1932, attracting foreign observers, and by 1955 the world's most modern radio-active iodine isotope unit had been developed in the basement. By 1958 it was under the Archway group hospital management committee, with 221 beds for acute cases. In 1968 the hospital was transferred to the Royal Free teaching hospital group. When the new Royal Free opened in Pond Street in 1974, New End, where a new geriatric unit had been opened in 1972, was left as a geriatric hospital, with 143 beds in 1978 and 127 in 1985. The desire to close it when facilities at Pond Street should be available, first expressed in 1945, was reiterated with the opening of the Royal Free, and in 1986 plans were being completed, amid much opposition.

From: 'Hampstead: Public Services', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 9: Hampstead, Paddington (1989), pp. 138-145. URL: Date accessed: 05 February 2010. 
FRATER Robert (Weed) Guy (I635)
80 (Medical):Returning from her sisters and running and fell onto a pair of scissors which she had in her hand. SELMES Anne (I7070)
81 (Medical):See attached sources. FRATER William Mark (I50)
82 (Medical):See attached sources. PITTS John Arthur (I259)
83 (Medical):See attached sources. FRATER William Denne (I581)
84 (Medical):See attached sources. JACKSON Bertha Evelyn (I1876)
85 (Medical):See attached sources. BROWN Howard Samuel (I1945)
86 (Medical):See attached sources. BUTLER William Charles (I16797)
87 (Medical):See attached sources. SMALL Henry (I19784)
88 (Medical):See attached sources. CHAMBERS Mabel Gauntlet (I21033)
89 (Medical):See attached sources. GRAHAM Thomas (I29809)
90 (Medical):She had had a mild heart attack about 3 weeks previously and didn't actually realise she had had one, although she was terribly breathless and had no energy. Then it got worse on the 1st of July. She was hallucinating a bit because the blood wasn't getting to her brain. She was taken into Stobhill and died on the 4th.She had TB when she was in her late 30s and had a lung removed in 1952 and after she recovered she by and large kept very well although she had chest infections from time to time. As she got older her heart started to feel the strain of only having one lung. FRATER Elizabeth (I9288)
91 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I12215)
92 (Medical):Suffered severe back problems and developed stomache problems from the medication. Had 7/8 of his stomache removed as a result. Was an early patient at the Mayo Clinic and made several trips there. (Notes from Brent Rempel 15 Jun 2008) SANDERSON William (I10311)
93 (Medical):Suspended by a handkerchief through a loop of wire in a tree. He had been admitted to the instition suffering from Melancholia. The Coroner found that Beven was mentally deranged when he strangled himself. BEVEN Walter Ernest (I6990)
94 (Medical):Sydney Morning Herald - 18 May 1868
Fatal Accident at Carcoar
An inquiry respecting the decease of James Death farmer was held before Mr S Myer Coroner on Tuesday 12 instant at the residence of the deceased near Blayner. The Carcoar Herald reports that John Hewit deposed - I knew the deceased James Death, he and I went to fell a tree on the afternoon of last Thursday week April 30th, we placed a stick on the ground for the tree to fall on to enable us to pass a chain under, we felled the tree when the stick on the ground broke one piece flying up and striking the deceased on the head. He was knocked down, I ran for some water, on my return he was sitting up and subsequently drove his team home, since that time he has occasionally complained of being ill, he took to his bed Sunday May 10th and died on May 11th.
Ann Death the wife of the deceased corroborated the above statement and the jury found that the deceased came to his death by injuries accidently received by falling of a tree. 
DEATH James (I16406)
95 (Medical):The effects of injuries recieved when the motor cycle he was riding skidded and struck a guide post, throwing him against a tree.
Verdict at inquest held at the Dandenong, by Coroner, Mr H.W. Pascoe, on the 2nd Apr 1963. 
BROWN William Neville (I1948)
96 (Medical):Thomas and Jane had taken baby James to be christened and on the way home after the service, the horse shied at something and bolted. James was thrown from the sulky and killed. RAPLEY James (I8315)
97 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I11582)
98 (Medical):Went to Edinborough, Scotland for goiter surgery in 1916 and died while there. FRATER Joan (I10288)
99 (Medical):«b»
LAWRENCE Ewart Brentnal (I13403)
100 (Medical):«b»Christmas celebrations ended with fatal knife attack, court told«/b»
A FATHER told a murder trial yesterday of a happy Christmas Day dinner
party which was followed by tragedy.
Mr John Frater, 42, said the family gathering was the last time he saw
his 17-year-old son John, a Borders rugby player, alive.
Mr Frater, of Priors Meadow, Jedburgh, said that hours later he was
roused from his bed by police who told him John was dead.
Mr Frater was giving evidence at the opening of the trial of Mr Kevin
Maxwell, 31, who denies murdering Mr John Frater, of Priors Meadow,
Jedburgh, in Crown Lane, Jedburgh, by stabbing him with a knife.
Mr Maxwell, described as a prisoner, also denies attacking Mr Steven
Frater, 16, brother of the deceased, by striking him with a knife to his
Mr Frater told the High Court in Edinburgh that John was the eldest of
four children. The family, including John and Steven, went to their
grandmother's home for Christmas dinner.
Mr Frater said: ''The last time I saw John was in his grandmother's
house at Christmas dinner -- December 25. He left there at six in the
evening. He was going to get changed and go out with his girlfriend. He
had brought a change of clothes with him.''
Mr Frater said John had only two glasses of wine at the dinner.
He added: ''He seemed all right, the last time I saw him.''
About 1.30am on December 26, Mr Frater said police officers came to
the house and told him his son was dead.
He said he then went to the mortuary in Edinburgh and identified his
son's body.
He said ''John's main hobby was rugby, he was a fit, healthy boy who
never took drugs.''
Later, Steven Frater told the court that he was walking with his
girlfriend Lesley Short in High Street, Jedburgh, after the Christmas
dinner. His brother John and a friend were walking ahead of them.
He said that as he walked past a close, a man standing in the entrance
made a remark about Lesley.
The man, who he identified in court as Mr Maxwell, came out and put
his hand behind his back. He said that he thought Mr Maxwell was going
for a knife and he smashed a bottle of vodka over Mr Maxwell's head.
He said Mr Maxwell later caught up with the group and at first just
walked behind them. However, when they turned into Crown Lane, Mr
Maxwell became aggressive and demanded to know why he had been hit over
the head with the bottle.
Steven told the court he became frightened when Mr Maxwell again
reached behind his back, so he head-butted Mr Maxwell.
He added: ''Mr Maxwell got back up and stuck a knife into my brother's
The trial before Lord Milligan continues. 
FRATER John Robert (I24034)

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