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Matches 7,701 to 7,750 of 7,922

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7701 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1968)
7702 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1942)
7703 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F6928
7704 ĞiğDAVIES ELSIE MCKILLOP : Service Number - 108867 : Date of birth - 21 Mar 1921 : Place of birth - LAMBTON NSW : Place of enlistment - SYDNEY : Next of Kin - DAVIES JANETĞ/iğ . ĞiğRAAF Personnel files of Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and other ranks, 1921-1948 MCKILLOP-DAVIES Elsie (I615)
7705 ĞiğDAVIES JOHN MCKILLOP : Service Number - NX180354 : Date of birth - 04 Jan 1910 : Place of birth - LAMBTON NSW : Place of enlistment - PARRAMATTA NSW : Next of Kin - DAVIES EDNA. Second Australian Imperial Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947 DAVIES John Samuel Mckillop (I3284)
7706 ĞiğDAVIES WILLIAM GEORGE MCKILLOP : Service Number - N470322 : Date of birth - 23 Oct 1923 : Place of birth - LAMBTON NSW : Place of enlistment - LAMBTON NSW : Next of Kin - DAVIES JANET. Citizen's Military Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947 MCKILLOP-DAVIES William George (I611)
7707 ĞiğDeath cert. shows first wife as Jenny Reid. This appears to be erroneous as there is no record of a Jenny Reid marrying a Arthur Allport. A Jenny T. Reid did marry a John W. HENDERSON in 1887/1358 in Sydney.(Notes of Kevin Pitts)Ğ/iğ ALLPORT Arthur Henry (I2261)
7708 ĞiğDeath Cert: Shows name as Maria Caroline. Source: Kevin PittsĞ/iğ NEILSON Caroline Maria (I2145)
7709 ĞiğDeath certificate shows she is Esther Sarah Williams. certificate no. 11337On William Wallace Williams death certificate it shows his wife as being Hester Sarah Flook Marriage certificate shows her as Hellen Sandra Flook. certificate no. 1103On the 1841 census for Bristol England she is showin as Hester born abt 1840.On the ship "Plantagenet" records the whole family came to Australia on she is also listed as Esther.On Janet Reakes web site she is listed as Sarah Esther Flook.Ğ/iğ FLOOK Esther Sarah (I41)
7710 ĞiğDeath Certificate: Reg No: 6776, at Petersham
TIMMS Mary-Ann (I1323)
7711 ĞiğDeath registered as Gloucester.Ğ/iğ SUTTON Thomas David (I4030)
7712 ĞiğDeath Registration, Hamilton, NSWĞ/iğ SQUIRES Stanley Lloyd (I4021)
7713 ĞiğDestitute AsylumĞ/iğ LIMEBURNER Henry James (I978)
7714 ĞiğDETAILS ON BIRTH CERTIFICATE. -- Registered 8 January 1889 in Townsville. Father's occupation is stated as 'horsedriver' (on her Marriage Certificate is stated Baker). He was 30 years of age. Caroline was aged 23 years. Place of birth, Williamtown, N.S.W., and Caroline, Yelon, Denmark. Informant - James Pitt, Father, Ross Island, Townsville.Witnesses - Nurse (Mrs.) Boyle. Registrar - William Handley Dean. Birth Certificate No.57017 Registered No. 1889 / 4901 Ğ/iğ PITT Esther (Ettie) Cecilia (I2147)
7715 ĞiğE G W 13/3 H/120 50982Ğ/iğ MCKILLOP-DAVIES Edward (Ted) Albert William Henry (I589)
7716 ĞiğE G W 13/3 K/18 35289Ğ/iğ BUSH Susan Elizabeth (Biddy) (I3239)
7717 ĞiğElsie was a member of the "Stockton Dinkum Girls". They raised funds for 1stWW diggers on the front line.Ğ/iğ PITT Elsie May (I2152)
7718 ĞiğEnlisted 10 Oct 1912 age 31, discharged 1919. Heart tattoo on left forearm. Played in the Band of the "Metropolitan Electric Tramways"
GRAHAM Walter (I3131)
7719 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1158)
7720 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1969)
7721 ĞiğFrances was a great sportsman. BROWN Francis Herbert (I5101)
7722 ĞiğFRATER KENNETH HAY : Service Number - NX41084 : Date of birth - 08 Feb 1909 : Place of birth - NARRABRI NSW : Place of enlistment - TAMWORTH NSW : Next of Kin - FRATER ELMA. Second Australian Imperial Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947Ğ/iğ FRATER Kenneth Hay (I674)
7723 ĞiğFRATER WILLIAM HAY : Service Number - NX2090 : Date of birth - 02 Sep 1910 : Place of birth - NARRABRI NSW : Place of enlistment - NARRABRI NSW : Next of Kin - FRATER CATHERINE. Second Australian Imperial Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947

William never married.Ğ/iğ 
FRATER William (Thunder) Hay (I2703)
7724 ĞiğFuneral Notice - Newcastle Morning Herald, Tuesday 29 February and Wednesday. 1 March 1989.Requim Mass will be celebrated at St. Therese's Catholic Church, New Lambton for the repose of the soul of the late JACK REDMAN PETHERBRIDGE.PETHERBRIDGE, The relatives and friends of Mrs. Dinah Petherbridge, John (dec.), Noel and Janet Petherbridge, Carol and Glen Bradbury and Ian, David and Margaret Petherbridge, Melissa and Justin, Greg Petherbridge, Kylie and Nicole, Fred and Myra Petherbridge and family, Jack Montgomery and family and the late Clare Montgomery, Jim and Nancy Conley and family are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, brother, brother-in-law and uncle, JACK REDMAN PETHERBRIDGE late of 24 Aldyth Street, New Lambton to move from St. Therese's Catholic Church, Royal Street, New Lambton this Wednesday morning after Requim Mass commencing at 10 o'clock for the Catholic Cemetery, Sandgate.
Notices from - Toronto District Workers Club Ltd.
Merewether R.S.L. Sub-Branch.
Alder Park Bowling Club.
Alder Park Women's Bowling Club.
Occupation - Factory Manager.Jack Petherbridge and his siblings, Frederick (Fred) and Gladys (Clare) were major shareholders in the family business "N.S.W. Aerated Water and Confectionary Company Limited". This Company was originally started by George Edward Redman in 1865. His daughter, Mary Jane, married Frederick Petherbridge- thus starting the Petherbridge family's involvement in cordial manufacturing. The Petherbridge Family in due course acquired the Company which continued producing very fine beverages until 1967 when it was sold to Schweppes (Australia) for $1.45million. The Company had also purchased other cordial makers in Newcastle area and Sharpes Cordials (Cessnock) and had serviced the Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas for 102 years - It was a very successful business!!Jack was a keen bowler and was Patron of Alder Park Bowling Club for many years.
MILITARY SERVICE - Certificate of Discharge No. 279040.
No. NX173961 - Gunner, 54 Aust. Anti- Aircraft Regiment.Served on continuous full time was service in the Citizens Military Forces from 2 June 1942 to 2 August 1943. Australian Imperial Force from 3 August 1943 to 13 December 1945.for a total effective period of one thousand, two hundred and ninety one days, which included Active Service in Australia for 1291 days. outside Australia, Nil days. War Badge No. R.A.S. No. A 178067.Discharged from the A.I.F. on 13 December 1945, in Sydney.Description of the Soldier on Discharge - Height 5 ft. 5ins: Eyes Blue: Complexion Fair: Hari Fari"Trade group in which employed during Army Service TG 3 Dvr. MechĞ/iğ 
PETHERBRIDGE John (Jack) Redman (I2163)
7725 ĞiğFuneral Notice in Newcastle Morning Herald 16/10/1893."Friends of Mr. James PITT are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his beloved infant son Alfred Stanley. To move from his residence No. 9 Union Lane off Hunter Street West this (Monday) afternoon at quarter to 3 o'clock for the church of England cemetery, Sandgate."Buried with his mother & father in Sandgate Anglican 1; Sect 28; lot 23. Source Kevin Pitts Ğ/iğ PITT Alfred Stanely (I2149)
7726 ĞiğFuneral notice in Newcastle Morning Herald 13/7/1959."PITT - The relatives and friends of Mr. & Mrs. W. MYERS, Mr. & Mrs L.E. PITT, Mr.& Mrs. C. PITT, Mr. & Mrs. A. NICILL and families and Miss Winifred PITT are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of their dearly beloved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother & great grandmother, Mary PITT, late of 49 Emerald Street, Broadmeadow. To leave the church of St. Laurence O'Toole Broadmeadow this Tuesday morning at 10.45 o'clock for the Catholic cemetery, Sandgate."
Directions to grave: Go to end of middle driveway - Roman Catholic No. 2. Walk past chapel to back fence. Follow fence along to the right. Turn down 4th row on right (Lindsay plot first on right). Grave is 12th on right.(Notes of Kevin Pitts)Ğ/iğ
Ğiğ Ğ/iğ 
PEEDOM Mary (I1820)
7727 ĞiğFuneral notice in Newcastle Morning Herald 16 Feb. 1981. p.13."PITT - The relatives and friends of Mrs Rita PITT, Mr. & Mrs Leon PITT and family, Mr. Neil PITT and Mr. & Mrs Denis PITT and family are invited to attend the funeral service for their beloved husband, father, father in law and grandfather, Leslie Edwin PITT of 17 Young Street, Carrington to be held in the Anglican Church of St. Thomas, Young Street, Carrington tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 10 o'clock.At conclusion of this service a private cremation will take place."59
"U.G.L. of N.S.W. lodge. Sincerity No. 233.PITT - Brethren of the above are invited to attend the funeral service for their late brother Bro. L.E. PITT (Snr)."59Ğ/iğ 
PITT Leslie Edwin (I2823)
7728 ĞiğFuneral notice in Newcastle Morning Herald 26/3/1891."The friends of Mr. Michael PITT are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his deceased beloved son, EDVEN GEORGE. To move from his residence 67 Darby Street this (Thursday) afternoon at 2 o'clock for the Stockton cemetery, Stockton."Ğ/iğ PITT Edvin (Edwin) George (I2807)
7729 ĞiğFuneral Notice in the Newcastle Morning Herald 19 Sep 1942Ğ/iğ PITTS George (I938)
7730 ĞiğFuneral Notice Newcastle Herald, Saturday 18 November 2006.PETHERBRIDGE - Esther Dinah May. Late of Mayfield Aged Care, formerly of New Lambton and Redhead Gardens. Passed away peacefully. Aged 91 years 7 months.Dearly loved wife of the late Jack Redman , beloved mother and mother-in-law of John Redman (dec.), Noel and Jan, David and Margaret, Gregory and Kathy and cherished grandma of Carol and Ian, Melissa and Justin and Kylie and Nicole, treasured great-grandma of Zoe and Brandon, Nicholas and Darcy.The Relatives and Friends of DINAH are warmly invited to attend her Funeral to be held in Pettigrew's Chapel, Harris St., Wallsend on Tuesday 21/11/2006. Funeral Liturgy commencing at 11.30 a.m.. A private cremation will follow this Service. May she rest in peace,There was also a Notice for the members of Alder Park Women's Bowling Club.Deacon Laurence Caelli from St. Columban's Catholic Church, Mayfield officiated at both services.
Grave -Notes - Dinah was an accomplished Lawn Bowler, with winning achievements at all Club levels. Her final titles were at the tender age of 80 years when she won the Club Triples Championship and finally a District Pennant in the same year. She was made a Life Member of Alder Park Women's Bowling Club in 1992.Resided at - Bourke Street, New Lambton, Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia until 1937.24 Aldyth Street, New Lambton, Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia until 1990.2/14 Queens Road, New Lambton, Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia until December 2004."Redhead Gardens Aged Care Facility" Redhead Road, Redhead, Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia until March 2005."Mayfield Aged Care " Facility, Crebert Street, Mayfield, Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia.. until her Death on 15 November, 2006.Ğ/iğ 
CONLEY Esther Dinah May (I2162)
7731 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2482)
7732 ĞiğGoodnestone parish registers Doc No Kent 24 and Kent 42.Ğ/iğ SUTTON William (I4048)
7733 ĞiğGurr, John Thomas Number: NX68887 Rank: Staff Sergeant [S Sgt] Unit: 2/2 INF BN Service: Army Conflict: 1939-1945 Date of Death: 17/03/1945 Place of Death: New Guinea Cause of Death: Accidental Memorial Panel: 29 Cemetery or Memorial.Ğ/iğ GURR John "Jack" Thomas (I808)
7734 ĞiğHammondville Nursing Home.Ğ/iğ NOADES Archie (I5054)
7735 ĞiğHelen was adopted, her father's name was Dixon. Ğ/iğ FRATER Helen Elizabeth (I2621)
7736 ĞiğHelen was adopted.Ğ/iğ FRATER Helen Elizabeth (I2621)
7737 ĞiğHenry and Harriet embarked on the ship"Juliana" at Gravesend on the 17 Oct 1838, leaving port on the 20 Oct 1838 for Australia. Disaster struck - 20 Jan 1939 when the "Juliana" ran aground, at Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Henry and Sarah spent some three months here untill they boarded the "Mary Hay" along with survivors from the "Juliana" and the "Trafalgar" which was wrecked a month after the "Juliana. A few days before the "Mary Hay" sailed the wreck of the "Juliana" was sold for 280 pounds to salvagers. "Mary Hay" arrived in Sydney Cove on the 19 May, 1839. Assistered Immigrants.
"Juliana" was a wooden barque, 549 tons, Built in Calcutta, 1819. From London to Sydney with 241 emigrants, wrecked at Mouille Point, Table Bay, South Africa, 19/20 Jan 1939. All the passengers and crew landed saftly and where eventually taken to Sydney by the Morayshire and Mary Hay.Ğ/iğ 
GURR Henry Howard (I4)
7738 ĞiğHenry James Limeburner arrived at Port Jackson 21 March 1826 on the transport ship "Sesostris".
Page No. Fiche No. File No. Shelf No. 037 660 397 4/4011
The "Sesostris" was a ship of 487 ton, built at Hull in 1817 and was of A1 class. The Master was J. T Drake and John Dulhunty was the surgeon. The "Sesostris" left Portsmouth on Wednesday 30 November 1825 carrying 150 male convicts sailing direct to Port Jackson arriving Tuesday 21 March 1826 with 3 convicts dieing on the voyage.
The convict Indent for the ship "Sesostris" states that on boarding the ship Henry James Limeburner was aged 20, was able to read and write, a Protestant, single and his native place was Middlesex.
Trade: Calico Glaizier
Offence: Stealing
Tried: 18 July 1825 at Essex Assizes
Former Convictions: None
Sentence: Transportation for Life
Height: 5' 10"
Completion: Ruddy Pimples
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Black
He had a Heart and Anchor tattooed on his left arm.
On Arrival in Australia he was assigned to J. L. Platt of Newcastle.
In 1828 he was residing at Iron Bark Hill, near Newcastle and he was assigned to John L. Platt.
By 1837 he had obtained a Ticket of Leave and was still living in the Newcastle District.

He received a Conditional Pardon on 22 April 1842.
Henry James Limeburner was sentenced to death in Essex Summer Assizes on 19th July 1825 at age 19. His occupation is given as a bricklayer in the parish of Grays Thurrock , Essex. He was charged for stealing property to the value of 11 pounds 8 shillings from
John Syer and his partner in crime was Samuel Ramsden.
He left Portsmouth on board the ship "Sesostris" on 30th November 1825 under Master J.T.Drake and arrived in Sydney on 21st March 1826. He had no previous convictions. His physical features were given as being 5' 4" in height and had a ruddy , pimpled complexion with dark brown hair and hazel coloured eyes. He had a tattoo of a heart and an anchor on his left arm.
On arrival in Sydney he was awarded to a J.S.Platt of Newcastle (AO Reel 397 Shelf list 4/4011) and was a servant of Platt for about 7 years until granted a Ticket of Leave. He was allowed to remain in the District of Newcastle on recommendation of the Newcastle Bench of Magistrates dated January 1834 and was issued with Conditional Pardon on 1st July 1842 by Sir George Gipps , Government House.

Notation: "Remainder of unexpired sentence remitted but to remain within the limits of this government for this time." (i.e he could not return to England or leave the Colony)
Research: 1828 Census (AO COD245) Name: James Limeburner Age: 27 GS (Government Servant) Religion: Protestant Occupation: Servant Employer: John Platt Residence: Iron Bark Hill , Newcastle (Ref.No.L0848)
1841 Census (AO Index Cards: Return No.90 Location x947, p.111) AO Reel 2222 p.111 Name: James Limeburner Residence: Tickhole , District of Newcastle Number of persons: 5 (2 males, 1 female, over 21 years; 2 females aged 3 - 7 years) No record of marriage or family is given on
Henry Limeburner's death certificate. His age was given as 74 , his place of birth is England and he spent 50 years in the colony.Ğ/iğ 
LIMEBURNER Henry James (I978)
7739 ĞiğHer husband left no will and there is a suspicion that the solicitor "robbed her left right and centre" over the years it took to sort out extensive property holdings.Ğ/iğ SUTTON Minnie Jane (I4027)
7740 ĞiğHis ashes scattered through the bush near Richmond Vale, NSWĞ/iğ HAYNES Kenneth Alfred (I4120)
7741 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4000)
7742 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1879)
7743 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1437)
7744 ĞiğIn the 1851 Census that was done early April, George is found in the house of his Grandmother's along with his mother and other relatives. Elias was not in the house at this time how ever he was found as a lodger not all that far away.
George Burton Brown(aged 8 years old), departed England with his mother Sarah and Joseph Mee on the sailing ship "Glen Isla", leaving on 25 March 1857, and arriving in Australia on the 2 July 1857. They where Assisted Immigrants.Ğ/iğ 
BROWN George Burton (I3330)
7745 ĞiğIn the 1901 census it shows that Janet (Jessie) is living in the house of Jessie May and Frank James and listed as a widow.
Janet Sims nee White died in Craigleith Poorhouse in 1901. Craigleith Poorhouse was founded in 1868 and served the St Cuthbert's district of Edinburgh. It included an Infirmary for the care of sick paupers. In 1914 the Poorhouse was taken over as a military hospital and renamed the 2nd Scottish General Hospital, Craigleith. The "Craigleith Chronicle" served as the Hospital's wartime magazine. The Poorhouse returned to its former function in 1919, and in 1929 it became the Western General Hospital.More on the Poorhouse here
1851 Janet is found to be a lodger in the house of Daniel and Euphemia Hossack.Ğ/iğ 
WHITE Janet (I148)
7746 ĞiğIn the 1901 census Young is living Sindon Gorse Hill St, Barnabas, Wilshire, England.
GLOVER Young Simon (I3692)
7747 ĞiğInformant: S. Heydon, 44 Doveton St, Ballarat.
Accoucheur: Dr R.Scott.
Nurse and/or witness: Miss S. Heydon.Ğ/iğ 
ANDERSON Henry Stanley James (I1954)
7748 ĞiğInformant: Barbara Drake (Daughter) 93B Langborn Street, Dandenong.Ğ/iğ REID Wallace (I1973)
7749 ĞiğInformant: Esther Sutton, (Mother) Hamilton Commonage
Present at Birth: Mrs McNaughtonĞ/iğ 
SUTTON Sarah Alice (I1849)
7750 ĞiğInformant: George Irving Reid (Father) Pakenham East.
Accoucheur: Dr White.
Nurse and/or Witness: Nurse Osborn.Ğ/iğ 
REID Wallace (I1973)

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