News: Karen tells me that I need to get more images uploaded, so I will try and do a few at least once a week. Thank you all for your patients :) If you have any images you would like to share please do send them along.
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Matches 7,851 to 7,900 of 7,990

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7851 «i»Margaret went to the US in pre June 1900 with her daughter Claudia Jessie .She is shown in the June 1900 census (aged 26) as living with her stepfather John R REID & her mother Annie. The 1930 census she appears as "Jennie" aged 50 living with her mother & stepfather at Elaine Place, Chicago, Illinois, County Cook, USA it also appears from The Rosehill burial records that she was an army nurse (W1-ANC-82nd Regt. 799)
(Notes of Kevin Pitts)«/i»
«b»«i»1946-Jul-09«/b» «b»Chicago Tribune (IL)«/b» «b»Mrs. Jennie C. Allport«/b» Edition: Chicago Tribune Mrs. Jennie C. Allport, 66, formerly of Chicago, a United States army nurse with the American Expeditionary forces during World War I., died yesterday in Kankakee state hospital after an illness of more than 12 years. She was a member of Henry A. Honack Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars, chicago. Mrs. Charlotte Kennedy, president of the auxiliary, is searching for Mrs. Allport's relatives. If they are not found the auxiliary will conduct military funeral services.«b»1946-Jul-10«/b» «b»Chicago Tribune (IL)«/b» «b»ALLPORT«/b» Edition: Chicago Tribune -- Jennie Reid Allport, fond mother of Claudia Allport Long of Zionsville, Ind., dear grandmother of James and Patricia, sister of Jessie Reid Taylor. Member of Golden Rod chapter, No. 205, O. E. S., Jane De Lano post, American Legion auxiliary, and Veterans of Foreign Wars auxiliary. At chapel, 5501 N. Ashland avenue, until 10 p.m., Wednesday. Services and interment private.
HENDERSON Margaret Jane (Jennie) (I1892)
7852 «i»Marriage Cert No. 18915 or 1816 both have same names and years on the BDM web site.

Birth Cert No. (1906) 40749«/i» 
HARTLEY William Frederic (I3585)
7853 «i»Marriage Reg. No:: 1655«/i» Family F406
7854 «i»Mary Ann's death certificate shows youngest daughter as Ina (FEENEY)(FINNEY) born abt 1900. She is not mentioned on Michael's death certificate. Ina's father is shown as unknown when birth was registered in 1900. On her marriage cert. to Ernest George FINNEY in 1923/4486 she gives her father as Frederick PITT. It is my belief that Mary Ann had Ina to another man possibly named Frederick (but not PITT) and this led to their divorce in 1901. She may have been mentally affected by the loss of her twin daughters back in 1890. Mary Ann & Ina then went to live in Sydney. She always kept the name pitt, so she never remarried, whether she lived with another man is unknown, but it was not the accepted thing in that day. She was buried at Sandgate in Newcastle, so obviously she looked on Newcastle as home.(Notes of Kevin Pitts)«/i» SUTTON Mary Anne Jane (I1812)
7855 «i»Mary Carbey (sic) arrived at Port Jackson 25 May 1833 on the transport ship "Diana"
Page No. Fiche No. File No. Shelf No.
229 707 907 X635 206 685 905 4/4003 «sup»1«/sup»
The "Diana" was a barque of 320 Ton, built at Whitby in 1824 and was classed A1. The Master was George Braithwaite and James Ellis was surgeon. 'Diana' left Woolwich on Tuesday 11 December 1832 with 100 female convicts on board she sailed via the Cape arriving at Port Jackson on Saturday 25 May 1833 and landed 99 female convicts one having died on the voyage.
The Convict Indent for the barque "Diana" states that on embarkations Mary Carbey was 16 years old, could read but not write, a Protestant, single and her native place was London.Trade: «tab»«tab»Nurse Girl [probably the same as nursemaid]
Offence: «tab»«tab»Stealing Print
Tried: «tab»«tab»6 September 1832 at Middlesex Assizes
Former Convictions: «tab»None
Sentence: «tab»«tab»Transportation for 7 Years
Height: «tab»«tab»4' 11"
Complexion: «tab»«tab»Ruddy and slightly Pock-pitted
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Light HazelMarkings: Three Blue dots back of left hand, three on back of right hand but almost illegible.

In 1837 she was listed as being 20 years old, residing at Maitland, NSW. She was assigned to M. Murphy.
Mary Anne Carberry arrived in Sydney aboard the ship "Diana" on 25th May 1833 after being sentenced to 7 years in the Colonies for stealing on 6th September 1832 in London, she had no previous convictions. The "Diana" sailed from Woolwich on 11th
December 1832 under Master George Braithwaite.
Her physical features were recorded as being 4' 11" in height with brown hair and light hazel coloured eyes. She had three blue dots on the back of her left hand and three on the back of her right hand.
Thomas Edwards was the informant to the registrar on the death of Mary Anne with Henry Limeburner (son) and James Wilson being recorded as being witnesses of the burial. The James Wilson mentioned is most likely to be the eldest son of Edward Wilson, uncle of Sarah Rae (who later married Alfred Edwards). James would have been 33 or 34 years of age at the time.«/i» 
CARBERRY Mary (I979)
7856 «i»May of also been married twice??«/i» FOSTER Mavis Ivy (I1912)
7857 «i»MCKILLOP DAVIES JOHN : Service Number - N16035 : Date of birth - 02 Mar 1916 : Place of birth - NEWCASTLE NSW : Place of enlistment - NEWCASTLE NSW : Next of Kin - MCKILLOP DAVIES JOHN«/i» DAVIES John Mckillop (I3090)
7858 «i»Methodist Cemetery, Buried with husband. BROWN May (I4990)
7859 «i»Methodist Cemetery, Buried with wife.«/i» COLLINGS Ernest Harrie (I4991)
7860 «i»Methodist Cemetery, The headstone was erected by the people of Wellington, NSW.«/i» BROWN Francis Herbert (I5101)
7861 «i»Methodist Cemetery.«/i» HUNT Aubrey (I4995)
7862 «i»Methodist Section«/i» BROWN George Burton (I3330)
7863 «i»Michael, Mary (Peedom) & children Irene Amanda & Leslie Edwin lived at 45 Emerald St. Hamilton in 1928.Michael lived with his father John at 67 Darby St. Cook's Hill at the time of his father's death in 1891.
Funeral notice in Newcastle Morning Herald 15/6/1945."PITT - The relatives and friends of Mrs. M. PITT and family of 49 Emerald St. Hamilton are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of their dearly beloved husband, Father, Father-in-law & Grandfather Michael PITT. To leave St. Laurence Church, Broadmeadow this (Friday) afternoon at 2.30 o'clock for the Catholic cemetery, Sandgate. Motor funeral."
Directions to grave: Go to end of middle driveway - Roman Catholic No. 2. Walk past chapel to back fence. Follow fence along to the right. Turn down 4th row on right (Lindsay plot first on right). Grave is 12th on right. (Notes of Kevin Pitts)«/i» 
PITT Michael (I939)
7864 «i»Miles does not appear in 1930 census. Jessie & children had moved to Chicago, Illinois. Jessie gives her status as widow. Mary is 6 yrs old, so Miles would have died between 1923 and 1930.«/i» TAYLOR Miles (I2263)
7865 «i»Norman Bromley remembers that his grandmother died at Rydalmere at his parent's house & was cremated at Rookwood and her ashes were sent to Korumburra to be buried with her husband, Bertram.«/i» SUTTON Sarah Alice (I1849)
7866 «i»NX191613; 1 A.D.V. Reg Depot; N437445 1st Aust ARD«/i» STEVENS Stanley Hereford George (I2832)
7867 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3889)
7868 «i»On Janet Eliza Sims Birth Cert. and Baptism Cert, it shows that her mother is Janet White. On John Card and Janet Eliza Sims Marriage Cert, it show's Janet's mother as being Jessie Sims... MS Robinson. On Janet Eliza Sims parents (Henry Sims and Janet White ) (Jessie Rodinson), Marriage Cert, it shows Jesie White, and her parents being John White and Janet White nee White.(perhaps cousins that married) SIMS Eliza Janet (I36)
7869 «i»On John's death certificate it states that he and Catherine married in Christchurch, New Zealand. On Catherines death certificate its states that her and John where married in Otago, New Zealand. As yet I have not been able to find a marriage for them, perhaps they never married, this might account for some of the children being born under diferant names.
On Albert's Birth Registration: Registered Thomas Hughes, 11«sup»th«/sup» February 1890, West Maitland. Margin entry: In column six omit Otago, New Zealand and read not married, Thomas Hughes, District Registrar, West Maitland, 5«sup»th«/sup» April 1890.

Albert born with the surname of WOOD.
Peter born with the surname of GOODWILLIEHave not found birth records for Florabelle, Edward or John as yet. «/i» 
Family F192
7870 «i»On the Marriage referance from the Nsw BDM web site, it states Frederick G Sutton married Alice M E Campbell not Stanley???«/i» Family F1293
7871 «i»Oomobah Private Hospital.«/i» BURRAGE Jean (I5124)
7872 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I190)
7873 «i»Owen enlisted in the Australian Army at St. Ives, New South Wales 27 October 1942. He was discharged 28 November 1945 with the rank of Signalman, 18th Lines of Communications Signals. Owen was a dry cleaner.
VAUGHAN Owen Gilbert (I2439)
7874 «i»Pall-bearers were E.Rapley (Uncle), R.E. Rapley (Cousin), C.W. Nolan and H.Holloway. The Rev.H.Pennington officiated at the graveside. «/i» HUGHES Grace Lipscomb (I6019)
7875 «i»Peter was born under the name «b»GOODWILLIE«/b» informant was his mother Catherine Goodwillie of High Street, East Maitland. At this time its not known as to why she was using her previous marriage name, But Peter grew up as a McKillop Davies and used the name through out his life as his marriage death and children are all in the names of McKillop Davies. MCKILLOP-DAVIES Peter Edward (I605)

«/i»Sultana, departing Plymouth DEV on 21 Jan 1855 and arriving Sydney NSW AUS on «i»19 May 1855. Sultana, barque,566 tons, Captain Tapper, from Plymouth Januarary 21, with 237 Government immigrants; D William Booker, Surgeon - Superintendent.
23 May 1855: The Sultana, which arrived on Staurday last, has been 117 days from Plymouth to this port. She has bought 237 Govenment immigrants, who are thus classified :- 60 married people, 34 single women, 96 singlee men and 47 children. One death, an infant and one birth, occurred during the passage. Thete has not been any contagious disease on board. The ship has now gone into quarantine. - Herald,May 21.«/i» 
GLOVER Philip (I2346)
7877 «i»Possable that George and Stephen could be on in the same person as on the Birth Deaths and Marriages web site there is only the one birth registration and one death registration. Or perhaps twins???«/i» SUTTON George Stephen (I4034)
7878 «i»Possable that George and Stephen could be on in the same person as on the Birth Deaths and Marriages web site there is only the one birth registration and one death registration. Or perhaps twins???«/i» SUTTON Stephen George (I4124)
7879 «i»Presbyterian Cemetery.«/i» BROWN William Joseph (I4984)
7880 «i»Presbyterian Cemetery.«/i» THOMPSON Rose Ellen Susan (I4985)
7881 «i»Prince Henry Hospital.«/i» BURRAGE Jean (I5124)
7882 «i»Private Hospital, Sydney Road, Manly. NSW.«/i» KING Arthur Henry (I5110)
7883 «i»Ray (known as Cracker) played football for North Melbourne, then coached the Packenham team for many years and they won quite a few premierships. The stand at the local Packenham football club was named in his honour.«/i» JACKSON Raymond (Cracker) Leslie (I1875)
7884 «i»Raymond Terrace Pioneer Cemetery. No headstone.«/i» WEST Harriet (I4134)
7885 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2476)
7886 «i»Reg, as Auburn, NSW«/i» STEVENS Hazel Rose (I2833)
7887 «i»Registered NSW BDM 1899«/i» RITTER Alma Louise (I2360)
7888 «i»Registered Raymond Terrace.«/i» SUTTON Minnie Jane (I4027)
7889 «i»Registration Raymond Terrace«/i» SUTTON Frederick James (I4031)
7890 «i»Research Records for the early Ewart (Yourt) family are few and far between, I believe that «b»Shirley Ewart nee Wood«/b» has done a lot of research on some of the Ewart lines spending many hours going through Births Death and Marriage records in "PRONI" at Belfast, Ireland. I have recieved a file that I believe to be «b»Shirley Ewart nee Wood«/b» research, how-ever a file was created and compiled by «b»Valerie Nodwell nee Kennedy«/b» (now deceased) from Canada and it is said that this file from Valerie may have a lot of inaccuracies is full of mistakes. ( So if you do find mistakes or errors please feel free to drop me a email, I would love to hear from you.) «b» «/b»

However I have added this file to our tree while I search for possible documentation to go with all this work. In time as I have always done with my research I will double check all this file and source it where I possibly can.

I am not claiming that the work for the following lines of David Ewart (Yourt) family to be mine : These lines are - Robert Ewart 1811-1881, Samuel Ewart1813-1859, Hannah Ewart 1819-?, Ann Ewart 1824-?, or David Ewart 1831-1919, all these lines I believe the research has been done by «b»Shirley Ewart nee Wood «/b»and «b»Valerie Nodwell nee Kennedy.«/b»
Also acknowledge the work of «b»Warren Dalzell «/b»descendent of David Ewart 1831-1919 for his New Zealand line and for sharing some photo's and the Will of David Ewart ? -1859.
I also acknowledge the work of «b»Ken Bazley«/b» descendent of Samuel Ewart 1813-1859, and also of «b»Jg2freespirts«/b» descendent of David Ewart 1831-1919, and «b»Barbara Boyle«/b» descendent for all her work on Jane (Jeni) Ewart ?-1893

I believe that our Elizabeth Ewart is to be the daughter of David Ewart(Yourt) and Eliza, that married John Lawrence and traveled to Australia. Shipping Records state parents as being David and Eliza Ewart. DNA matches from several of Elizabeth's descendents in Australia also match the DNA of Ken Bazley, Barbara Boyle and Jg2freespirits. So the DNA alone tells me that we have the correct Ewart family. More research and the sourcing of the above file will be done over the next coming months.

Thanking You All
«b»Christine Frater «/b»2018 
EWART (YOURT) David (I9732)
7891 «i»Residence at time of death was 7 Charles Street, Enmore, New South Wales, Australia.
MCKILLOP-DAVIES Lorraine Jessica (I3111)
7892 «i»Residence: in 1941 was Main Road,Charlestown, New South Wales, Australia.Residence: in 1978 was 82 North Burge Road, Woy Woy, New South Wales, Australia.
MCKILLOP-DAVIES WILLIAM JOHN : Service Number - N109000 : Date of birth - 09 Aug 1919 : Place of birth - JESMOND NSW : Place of enlistment - RECRUITING DEPOT E C NSW : Next of Kin - MCKILLOP-DAVIES ROSE. Citizen's Military Forces Personnel Dossiers, 1939-1947.
William was a very good piano player and often played for people in churches when people got married. He was also a very good photographer, taking street photos and with having his own dark room developed them himself. It was often said that he would charge people for him to take a photo of them in the street, but he never had a film in the camera. William loved the CB radio and talking to people all over the world when the skip was running. He worked for Brambles in Sydney for many years. «/i» 
MCKILLOP-DAVIES William John (I55)
7893 «i»Richard joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1913, he was only 16 at the time of his enlistment, he increased his age so he could join up.

He served in the Royal Australian Navy from 27 Mar 1913 to 28 Jun 1915 as a Ordinary Seaman his service number was 2694.
Just two week after leaving the Navy he joined the Australian Imperial Forces on 12 Jul 1915 in Brisbane, he joined under the name William Stevens (taking Stevens from his mothers maiden name).

RAPLEY Richard Oswald (I15466)
7894 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2517)
7895 «i»Roma Hospital.«/i» BROWN May (I4990)
7896 «i»Rosemont Nursing Home, Manly, NSW.«/i» HAIGH James Roy (I5125)
7897 «i»Roy enlisted in the Australian Army at Tamworth, New South Wales 28 August 1940. He was discharged 15 October 1945 with the rank of Lance Corporal, 2/3 Australian Infantry Battalion. «/i» RITTER Roy Douglas (I2374)
7898 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5209)
7899 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I5194)
7900 «i»Sarah and Joseph Mee and son George Burton Brown(aged 8 years old), departed England on the sailing ship "Glen Isla", leaving on 25 March 1857, and arriving in Australia on the 2 July 1857. They where Assisted Immigrants.«/i» BURTON Sarah (I14)

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