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8051 LAWRIE, Catherine Burns (I18655)
8052 LAWRIE, George Smith (I18656)
8053 SUTHERLAND, Catherine West (I18657)
8054 TULLOCH, Thomas (I18658)
8055 BROWN, Rachel (I18659)
8056 HEWITT, Henry (I18661)
8057 PATTERSON, Susan (I18662)
8058 LEE, John Hee Khiong (I18670)
8059 CHU, Doris Lan Fah (I18671)
8060 SUNGLAO, Conrado (I18672)
8061 ISIDRO, Zenaida (I18673)
8062 Yetholm actually consists of two small villages - Kirk Yetholm and Town Yetholm - straddling the Bowmont River and nestling in the Cheviot foothills about 1 mile from the English/Scottish border. The name Yetholm is actually derived from the old Scots tongue - Yett being a gateway or entrance and Holm being a small park or field. Yetholm and the surrounding area is steeped in the Borders folklore and tradition. Being situated so close to what was once a fiercely disputed national border line, it was often used as a refuge for groups and individuals fleeing from one country to the other. Even to this day, in the hills above the village, there exists a 'Common Gate' where you can literally step through from Scotland to England (or vice versa). The Yetholm area is largely rural and as such has depended on agriculture for its existence. Farms in the area have been held by generations of the same families and associated trades such as blacksmiths, butchers, engineers and even rabbit catchers have all contributed to the lifestyle of the village.

1841 Scotland Census (The 1841 Census for Scotland was taken on the night of 6 June 1841)

about Alexander Frater
Name: Alexander Frater
Age: 10
Estimated birth year: abt 1831
Gender: Male
Where born: England

Civil parish: Yetholm
County: Roxburghshire
Address: Kirk Yetholm
Parish Number: 811
Household Members: Name Age
Alexander Frater 10
Isabella Frater 50
John Frater 25

Census 1851 (The 1851 Census for Scotland was taken on the night of 30/31 March 1851.)
Isabella Frater
Age: 63
Est Birth year: 1788
Born: Merton, Roxburghshire
Occupation: Pauper Ag Lab Widow
James Frater
Age: 24
Born: Newton, Northumberland
Occupation: Ag Lab. 
HARVEY, Isobel (Eliz) Isabella (I7446)
8063 Young girl of only abt 17 years of age. FORD (I28061)
8064 Zone C Section H Plot No. 2707 PORTER, Edward James (I837)

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