News: Karen tells me that I need to get more images uploaded, so I will try and do a few at least once a week. Thank you all for your patients :) If you have any images you would like to share please do send them along.
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Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Margaret Mangan  14 Jun 1894Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I9486 Frater Genealogy 
2 BAKER Alice May  10 Mar 1941Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I9375 Frater Genealogy 
3 BAKER George  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I9399 Frater Genealogy 
4 BODEN Martha Ann  3 Sep 1952Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21027 Frater Genealogy 
5 BRAGG Ethel  21 Dec 1951Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21286 Frater Genealogy 
6 BRENNAN Esme May  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I26167 Frater Genealogy 
7 BROWN Edward Charles  10 Apr 1951Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I5438 Frater Genealogy 
8 BROWN George Burton  29 Jul 1910Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I3330 Frater Genealogy 
9 BROWN Henry William  Oct 1909Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I24110 Frater Genealogy 
10 BRYAN Herbert Jennings  15 Jun 1942Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I5439 Frater Genealogy 
11 BUDDEN Caroline Louise  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I18323 Frater Genealogy 
12 CARD Charles Herbert  19 Oct 1960Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I34 Frater Genealogy 
13 CARTER Nina Beryl (Beb)  2 Nov 1983Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I13834 Frater Genealogy 
14 CHAMBERS Annie  12 Dec 1928Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21171 Frater Genealogy 
15 CHAMBERS Charlotte  24 Oct 1936Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21181 Frater Genealogy 
16 CHAMBERS Elizabeth J  Aug 1870Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21053 Frater Genealogy 
17 CHAMBERS Hugh  13 Sep 1885Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21023 Frater Genealogy 
18 CHAMBERS James Alexander  Aug 1925Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21054 Frater Genealogy 
19 CHAMBERS John Adam  28 Aug 1871Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21051 Frater Genealogy 
20 CHAMBERS Matilda Charlotte  1 Nov 1877Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21068 Frater Genealogy 
21 CHAMBERS Reginald Hugh  25 Mar 1953Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21072 Frater Genealogy 
22 CHAMBERS Robert Henry  23 Oct 1895Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21070 Frater Genealogy 
23 CHAMBERS Samuel  10 Jul 1933Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21026 Frater Genealogy 
24 CHAMBERS William Armstrong  1 Aug 1883Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21169 Frater Genealogy 
25 CHAMBERS William James  Mar 1868Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21052 Frater Genealogy 
26 CHAMPION Elizabeth  31 Aug 1904Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I19590 Frater Genealogy 
27 CHARMERS Annie Margaret  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I18324 Frater Genealogy 
28 CHILTON Ellen Gertrude  12 Aug 2004Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I8143 Frater Genealogy 
29 CHILTON William  15 Oct 1948Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I19576 Frater Genealogy 
30 COLEMAN Eliza Jane  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I7114 Frater Genealogy 
31 COLLER Rev. Walter George  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I26168 Frater Genealogy 
32 COLLIER Richard  10 Dec 1883Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21706 Frater Genealogy 
33 COLLINS Doris  Jul 1932Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I22687 Frater Genealogy 
34 COLLINS Elleen  18 Jul 1974Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I22690 Frater Genealogy 
35 COLLINS Mabel  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I22688 Frater Genealogy 
36 COLLINS Michael Joseph  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I22686 Frater Genealogy 
37 COLLINS Sydney J  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I22689 Frater Genealogy 
38 DEATH Lila Belle  Jul 1948Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I15780 Frater Genealogy 
39 DIBLEY Frederick  6 Aug 1891Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21223 Frater Genealogy 
40 DIBLEY Grace Elizabeth  Oct 1892Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21100 Frater Genealogy 
41 DIBLEY Henry Fullerton  Nov 1897Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21101 Frater Genealogy 
42 DIBLEY William Henry  11 Jan 1939Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I21098 Frater Genealogy 
43 DONOVAN Ambrose Stephen  Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I9507 Frater Genealogy 
44 DONOVAN John Joseph  12 Mar 1907Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I9504 Frater Genealogy 
45 DONOVAN Mary Ann  1 Jun 1914Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I9481 Frater Genealogy 
46 ELLISTON Elsie Edith  Oct 1970Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I2325 Frater Genealogy 
47 FARRINGTON Patricia  Nov 1943Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I15542 Frater Genealogy 
48 FRATER Frederick Norman Hamilton  26 Oct 2001Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I12493 Frater Genealogy 
49 FRATER Margaret Isabella (Mary Alice)  19 Mar 1910Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I28863 Frater Genealogy 
50 FRATER Phyllis (Annie)  11 Mar 1927Rookwood, New South Wales, Australia I28866 Frater Genealogy 

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