Hartfield, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 (BROWN), Sarah  1830Hartfield, Sussex, England I4925
2 (CARD), Mary  1852Hartfield, Sussex, England I474
3 (TESTER), Hannah  1842Hartfield, Sussex, England I8821
4 (WEEDING), Lucy  Abt 1798Hartfield, Sussex, England I10712
5 (WHEATLEY), Ada  1875Hartfield, Sussex, England I8738
6 ATHERAL, Ann Elizabeth  1834Hartfield, Sussex, England I4796
7 ATHERAL, Elizabeth  1831Hartfield, Sussex, England I4795
8 ATHERAL, Ellen Mary  1881Hartfield, Sussex, England I4884
9 ATHERAL, James  1825Hartfield, Sussex, England I4792
10 ATHERAL, Rosina Elizabeth  1880Hartfield, Sussex, England I4883
11 ATHERAL, William  1827Hartfield, Sussex, England I4793
12 BAILEY, Sarah  1842Hartfield, Sussex, England I4498
13 BALDWIN, Mary  1836Hartfield, Sussex, England I4706
14 BATCHELOR, Susanna  1838Hartfield, Sussex, England I8799
15 BENNETT, James  1821Hartfield, Sussex, England I4786
16 BOAKES, William  Abt 1895Hartfield, Sussex, England I11567
17 BOX, Ann  1824Hartfield, Sussex, England I4788
18 BROWN, Amelia  1863Hartfield, Sussex, England I479
19 CARD, Abraham  2 Feb 1817Hartfield, Sussex, England I452
20 CARD, Ada  1871Hartfield, Sussex, England I4502
21 CARD, Alfred  1830Hartfield, Sussex, England I4727
22 CARD, Alfred  1854Hartfield, Sussex, England I4809
23 CARD, Amelia (Milly Mildred)  1803Hartfield, Sussex, England I4770
24 CARD, Ann Elizabeth  1859Hartfield, Sussex, England I4677
25 CARD, Caleb  1855Hartfield, Sussex, England I460
26 CARD, Caroline (Carrie) Ellen  4 Jul 1890Hartfield, Sussex, England I4414
27 CARD, Catherine  1871Hartfield, Sussex, England I4704
28 CARD, Charles  1849Hartfield, Sussex, England I4480
29 CARD, Charles  15 Jan 1862Hartfield, Sussex, England I462
30 CARD, Edmund  1852Hartfield, Sussex, England I4674
31 CARD, Edward  Abt 1670Hartfield, Sussex, England I4902
32 CARD, Edward  1798Hartfield, Sussex, England I4768
33 CARD, Edward  1819Hartfield, Sussex, England I4730
34 CARD, Elizabeth  1787Hartfield, Sussex, England I4765
35 CARD, Fanny  1805Hartfield, Sussex, England I4771
36 CARD, Fanny  1863Hartfield, Sussex, England I4701
37 CARD, Frederick  1862Hartfield, Sussex, England I4678
38 CARD, Frederick Henry  1895Hartfield, Sussex, England I8178
39 CARD, George  1849Hartfield, Sussex, England I558
40 CARD, George  1857Hartfield, Sussex, England I461
41 CARD, Hannah  1790Hartfield, Sussex, England I4766
42 CARD, Hannah  13 Jul 1813Hartfield, Sussex, England I451
43 CARD, Harriet  1824Hartfield, Sussex, England I4731
44 CARD, Harry  1890Hartfield, Sussex, England I4924
45 CARD, Henry  1835Hartfield, Sussex, England I4734
46 CARD, Jack  1898Hartfield, Sussex, England I511
47 CARD, James  1859Hartfield, Sussex, England I4481
48 CARD, James  1866Hartfield, Sussex, England I500
49 CARD, Jesse  1865Hartfield, Sussex, England I463
50 CARD, Joane  1648Hartfield, Sussex, England I4912

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SHOEBRIDGE, Harriet  21 Jan 1816Hartfield, Sussex, England I3235
2 SHOEBRIDGE, Jane  16 Feb 1812Hartfield, Sussex, England I3234
3 SHOEBRIDGE, John  29 May 1803Hartfield, Sussex, England I3231
4 SHOEBRIDGE, Mary  5 Mar 1805Hartfield, Sussex, England I3232
5 SHOEBRIDGE, Mary Ann  4 Apr 1819Hartfield, Sussex, England I3236
6 SHOEBRIDGE, Philadelphia  11 Sep 1808Hartfield, Sussex, England I3228
7 SHOEBRIDGE, Sarah  20 Apr 1806Hartfield, Sussex, England I3233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Sarah  1892Hartfield, Sussex, England I4498
2 CARD, Alfred  1908Hartfield, Sussex, England I4727
3 CARD, Elizabeth  7 Nov 1868Hartfield, Sussex, England I4765
4 CARD, George  1865Hartfield, Sussex, England I4478
5 CARD, George  1892Hartfield, Sussex, England I4466
6 CARD, James  1859Hartfield, Sussex, England I4481
7 CARD, John  11 Sep 1869Hartfield, Sussex, England I146
8 CARD, Martha  Jun 1884Hartfield, Sussex, England I450
9 CARD, Mary  1887Hartfield, Sussex, England I4455
10 COOPER, Hannah  15 Mar 1888Hartfield, Sussex, England I8565
11 DIVALL, Hezeliah  1824Hartfield, Sussex, England I536
12 DIVALL, Mary  1824Hartfield, Sussex, England I537
13 EVEREST, Lydia  Hartfield, Sussex, England I498
14 FRY, Elizabeth Agnes  1902Hartfield, Sussex, England I11292
15 HUDSON, Alfred Edmund  1897Hartfield, Sussex, England I4692
16 HUDSON, Ann Coroline  1918Hartfield, Sussex, England I8711
17 HUDSON, Emily  1859Hartfield, Sussex, England I4686
18 HUDSON, Obadiah  1922Hartfield, Sussex, England I4690
19 HUDSON, William E  1859Hartfield, Sussex, England I4689
20 HUMPHREY, George Young  Oct 1873Hartfield, Sussex, England I8707
21 HUMPHREY, Hannah  10 May 1955Hartfield, Sussex, England I8709
22 KILLICK, Alice  1969Hartfield, Sussex, England I10063
23 PANKHURST, Arthur Ernest  1 Apr 1875Hartfield, Sussex, England I1590
24 PANKHURST, Christopher Albert  8 Sep 1873Hartfield, Sussex, England I1589
25 PANKHURST, Stephen Pentecost  1874Hartfield, Sussex, England I1574
26 PANKHURST, William  21 Jun 1913Hartfield, Sussex, England I1579
27 STILLER, Eliza Ann  4 May 1904Hartfield, Sussex, England I1581
28 TURNER, Mary Ann  24 Nov 1879Hartfield, Sussex, England I438
29 WEEDING, Lucy  Feb 1867Hartfield, Sussex, England I8816
30 WHEATLEY, Aphses  1849Hartfield, Sussex, England I8702
31 WHEATLEY, Charles  Jan 1842Hartfield, Sussex, England I8697
32 WHEATLEY, Charlotte  May 1874Hartfield, Sussex, England I8811
33 WHEATLEY, George  10 Aug 1856Hartfield, Sussex, England I8644
34 WHEATLEY, Jack  Sep 1898Hartfield, Sussex, England I9027
35 WHEATLEY, James (Ginger)  22 Aug 1897Hartfield, Sussex, England I4779
36 WHEATLEY, Jesse  Jun 1863Hartfield, Sussex, England I4783
37 WHEATLEY, John  Sep 1856Hartfield, Sussex, England I8850
38 WHEATLEY, John  9 Apr 1889Hartfield, Sussex, England I8643
39 WHEATLEY, May  Jun 1902Hartfield, Sussex, England I8863
40 WHEATLEY, Minnie  1904Hartfield, Sussex, England I8864
41 WHEATLEY, Stephen  Dec 1856Hartfield, Sussex, England I8566
42 WHEATLEY, Stephen  28 Dec 1857Hartfield, Sussex, England I4781
43 WHEATLEY, William  19 Feb 1852Hartfield, Sussex, England I4776
44 WHEATLEY, William  Mar 1887Hartfield, Sussex, England I4777
45 WHEATLEY, William John  Jun 1887Hartfield, Sussex, England I8856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 CARD, Alfred  Hartfield, Sussex, England I4727
2 PANKHURST, Horace Frederick  1891Hartfield, Sussex, England I1591


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CARD, Thomas  1851Hartfield, Sussex, England I448


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DIVALL / PANKHURST  21 Oct 1882Hartfield, Sussex, England F481
2 DIVALL / SHOEBRIDGE  11 Feb 1837Hartfield, Sussex, England F1008
3 FRY / HUDSON  30 Jul 1874Hartfield, Sussex, England F3560
4 FRY / HUDSON  28 Feb 1922Hartfield, Sussex, England F3579
5 SHOEBRIDGE /   19 Mar 1803Hartfield, Sussex, England F1006
6 SHOEBRIDGE / HEASMAN  2 Dec 1826Hartfield, Sussex, England F1007