News: Karen tells me that I need to get more images uploaded, so I will try and do a few at least once a week. Thank you all for your patients :) If you have any images you would like to share please do send them along.
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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRENNAN Nena  20 Oct 1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6808 Frater Genealogy 
2 BRICKWOOD Dorothy  1904Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I90 Frater Genealogy 
3 BRIGDEN Norman Laurence  8 Nov 1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3556 Frater Genealogy 
4 BRYAN Francis J  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5443 Frater Genealogy 
5 BRYAN Henry A  1864Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5442 Frater Genealogy 
6 BRYAN Herbert Jennings  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5439 Frater Genealogy 
7 BRYAN Sydney J  1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5444 Frater Genealogy 
8 BUIST Isabel  1878Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21251 Frater Genealogy 
9 BURTENSHAW Arthur Albert  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9379 Frater Genealogy 
10 CAMROUX Frederick  1874Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I1901 Frater Genealogy 
11 CAMROUX Henry William  1870Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I1902 Frater Genealogy 
12 CAMROUX Mary Ellen  1864Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I1898 Frater Genealogy 
13 CAMROUX Susan  1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I1903 Frater Genealogy 
14 CARLSON Eva I A  Abt 1919Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I7279 Frater Genealogy 
15 CARROLL Stanley  22 Sep 1936Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I28063 Frater Genealogy 
16 CHAMBERLAIN Walter Leslie  3 Jul 1923Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21304 Frater Genealogy 
17 CHAMBERS Allan Henry  26 Dec 1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21083 Frater Genealogy 
18 CHAMBERS Catherine  1845Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21174 Frater Genealogy 
19 CHAMBERS Elizabeth Sarah  1848Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21177 Frater Genealogy 
20 CHAMBERS John Adam  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21051 Frater Genealogy 
21 CHILTON Elsie  21 Sep 1913Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I19587 Frater Genealogy 
22 CHILTON William David  Abt 1931Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I19585 Frater Genealogy 
23 CHILTON William Joseph David  1906Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I19583 Frater Genealogy 
24 COLLER Rev. Walter George  1928Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I26168 Frater Genealogy 
25 COOPER Scott William  2 Jul 1979Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I16112 Frater Genealogy 
26 CORVISY Maurice Thomas  Abt 1911Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I9771 Frater Genealogy 
27 COYLE Nellie May  Abt 1886Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8478 Frater Genealogy 
28 CRANE Neil Gorden  23 Nov 1958Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I16321 Frater Genealogy 
29 CRONK Ronald Edwin Ewitt  1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13683 Frater Genealogy 
30 DEATH Colin Wood  Abt 1918Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21870 Frater Genealogy 
31 DEATH Donald Thomas  14 Oct 1931Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17986 Frater Genealogy 
32 DEATH Iris May  17 Oct 1934Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17987 Frater Genealogy 
33 DEATH Scott Andrew  9 May 1967Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I28193 Frater Genealogy 
34 DENNE Gladys Elvina  1892Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18745 Frater Genealogy 
35 DIBLEY Albert J  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21227 Frater Genealogy 
36 DIBLEY Alice E  1871Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21230 Frater Genealogy 
37 DIBLEY Elizabeth S  1862Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21231 Frater Genealogy 
38 DIBLEY Ethel  1882Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21221 Frater Genealogy 
39 DIBLEY Louisa Ann  1869Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21229 Frater Genealogy 
40 DIBLEY Rosa May  1880Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21224 Frater Genealogy 
41 DIBLEY William Henry  16 Jun 1861Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21098 Frater Genealogy 
42 DONAGHY Stanley Thomas  6 Dec 1926Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23129 Frater Genealogy 
43 DRANE Walter Lott  1901Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12430 Frater Genealogy 
44 DREW Edward  15 Jul 1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I24123 Frater Genealogy 
45 DUMBRELL John Moore  18 May 1924Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6641 Frater Genealogy 
46 DYKES Blanche Louise  1889Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18620 Frater Genealogy 
47 DYKES Henrietta  Jan 1875Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2963 Frater Genealogy 
48 DYKES Henry  1866Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5394 Frater Genealogy 
49 DYKES Henry Claude  1887Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2964 Frater Genealogy 
50 DYKES James (Jim) Arthur  4 Apr 1944Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18844 Frater Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 FANNING Thomas Hewitt  21 Apr 1907Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13662 Frater Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 (GEISS) Phoebe Augusta  1878Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8196 Frater Genealogy 
2 ALEXANDER Majorie  23 May 1985Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21153 Frater Genealogy 
3 ALLPORT Arthur Henry  10 Nov 1927Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2261 Frater Genealogy 
4 APTHORPE Hedley Appleton  25 Mar 1987Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I31343 Frater Genealogy 
5 BAKER Mary Dorothy Irene  1 Nov 1980Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22479 Frater Genealogy 
6 BALDWIN Roy William  1965Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I7314 Frater Genealogy 
7 BEVEN Eliza  19 Mar 1863Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6989 Frater Genealogy 
8 BEVEN Eva Jessie A  10 Aug 1985Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I22879 Frater Genealogy 
9 BISHOP Edward Henry  15 Feb 1955Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17945 Frater Genealogy 
10 BOWLER George E  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21516 Frater Genealogy 
11 BOWLER Hazel  14 Aug 1963Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6384 Frater Genealogy 
12 BOWLER Lorna Kirkpatrick  20 Apr 1980Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I26682 Frater Genealogy 
13 BRADSHAW Alfred Ernest  1945Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6094 Frater Genealogy 
14 BRADY Mabel Daisy May  5 Sep 1956Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I23493 Frater Genealogy 
15 BROUGHTON Roy Samuel  1 Jun 1978Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13457 Frater Genealogy 
16 BRUGGY Eliza  7 Aug 1925Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I2343 Frater Genealogy 
17 BRUGGY Jeremiah  1921Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25433 Frater Genealogy 
18 BRYAN Francis J  1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5443 Frater Genealogy 
19 BRYAN Henry A  1905Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5442 Frater Genealogy 
20 BRYANT Herbert Henry  1961Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18794 Frater Genealogy 
21 BUDDEN Caroline Louise  7 May 1919Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18323 Frater Genealogy 
22 BURGESS Arthur John (Jack)  23 Aug 1985Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I24683 Frater Genealogy 
23 BURNS Betty Kathleen  Apr 1947Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17159 Frater Genealogy 
24 BURNS John William Badior  2 Mar 1939Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17157 Frater Genealogy 
25 BURNS Rita May  10 Aug 2002Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17161 Frater Genealogy 
26 BURNS Valda June  21 May 2008Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17162 Frater Genealogy 
27 BURRAGE Jean  19 May 1987Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5124 Frater Genealogy 
28 BUTLER Joyce Athole Emmeline  8 Feb 2008Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I16800 Frater Genealogy 
29 BYRON Leslie Charles  10 Jan 2005Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I25884 Frater Genealogy 
30 CHAMBERLAIN Edwin Cecil  26 Jun 1991Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21191 Frater Genealogy 
31 CHAMBERLAIN Walter Leslie  15 Nov 2006Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21304 Frater Genealogy 
32 CHAMBERS Catherine  1863Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21174 Frater Genealogy 
33 CHAMBERS William Armstrong  31 Jul 1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21169 Frater Genealogy 
34 CHANDLER John C  1885Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I24253 Frater Genealogy 
35 CHAPMAN Albert John  1970Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6031 Frater Genealogy 
36 CHAPMAN Douglas Haig (Digger)  22 Nov 1986Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I15308 Frater Genealogy 
37 CHAPMAN Ethel May (Maisie)  18 Jul 1974Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I15264 Frater Genealogy 
38 CHAPMAN William John  14 Feb 1956Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6023 Frater Genealogy 
39 CHARMERS Annie Margaret  18 Apr 1962Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18324 Frater Genealogy 
40 CHILTON Elsie  27 Apr 2003Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I19587 Frater Genealogy 
41 COLEMAN Minnie Maria  13 Jan 1972Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I7116 Frater Genealogy 
42 COLES George Henry  1959Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6420 Frater Genealogy 
43 COLLIER Alice Maude  27 Aug 1968Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21723 Frater Genealogy 
44 COLLIER James Arthur  Abt 1967Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21722 Frater Genealogy 
45 COLLIER Matilda Ann  1954Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21710 Frater Genealogy 
46 CONSIDINE William Joseph  8 Nov 1980Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I20171 Frater Genealogy 
47 COOK Eliza Ann  1938Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I389 Frater Genealogy 
48 CULLEN Edward George  1964Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17561 Frater Genealogy 
49 DALEY Margaret Ann  1983Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I8137 Frater Genealogy 
50 DAWES Elizabeth J  10 Oct 1946Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17935 Frater Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BLACKET Dorothy Vivian  Jun 1971Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18842 Frater Genealogy 
2 DYKES Donald Arthur  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I18552 Frater Genealogy 
3 MCCARRON Mark John  2 May 2001Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13696 Frater Genealogy 
4 MOORE Charles Henry  Oct 1953Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I7351 Frater Genealogy 
5 PARKIN William  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I24579 Frater Genealogy 
6 RAPLEY Bessie May  Mar 1981Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I16899 Frater Genealogy 
7 RAPLEY Eric William  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I16911 Frater Genealogy 
8 SAUNDRY Myra Annette  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I31647 Frater Genealogy 
9 SMITH Alice Margaret Stephenson  Sep 1927Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I397 Frater Genealogy 
10 SORENSON Lily Isobel  Oct 1983Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I6141 Frater Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 BRIGDEN Norman Laurence  1939-1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I3556 Frater Genealogy 
2 DIBLEY Stuart Henry (Dib)  1939-1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21104 Frater Genealogy 
3 GURR George Herbert C.  1939-1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I375 Frater Genealogy 
4 HARRIS George  1914-1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I29075 Frater Genealogy 
5 HARRIS William Henry  1914-1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I29080 Frater Genealogy 
6 HORDER Sidney William  1939-1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I29069 Frater Genealogy 
7 STRATFORD Arthur Ernest  23 Jul 1940-3 Oct 1945Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I24117 Frater Genealogy 
8 TEW Herbert Frank  1914-1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I20049 Frater Genealogy 
9 WALGERS Donald William (Don)  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I17877 Frater Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Navy    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAMPBELL Peter Alexander  1939-1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I680 Frater Genealogy 
2 HORDER Charles Henry  1939-1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I29067 Frater Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 DODDS Francis Alexander  4 Aug 1972Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I13556 Frater Genealogy 
2 FISHER Eleanor Gwendoline  1963Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I5090 Frater Genealogy 
3 FRATER Alexander  1851Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I575 Frater Genealogy 
4 GURR Mary Harriet  1922Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I368 Frater Genealogy 
5 HENWOOD William Richard  1925Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I12281 Frater Genealogy 
6 MAWHINNEW Samual  1865Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21017 Frater Genealogy 
7 MCDOUGALL Gordon Sholto  1977Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I19057 Frater Genealogy 
8 MCDOUGALL Gordon Sholto  1980Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I19057 Frater Genealogy 
9 RICHARDS Edwin Arthur  1968Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I15861 Frater Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 JOBBINS Henry  1861Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21115 Frater Genealogy 
2 MAWHINNEW Samual  1865-1870Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I21017 Frater Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BANCROFT / SUTTON  1881Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F893 Frater Genealogy 
2 BANFIELD / COLEMAN  1907Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7552 Frater Genealogy 
3 BINGHAM / BARKER  1866Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6555 Frater Genealogy 
4 BOS / SELMES  1946Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7617 Frater Genealogy 
5 BRYAN / CORRIGAN  1862Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F1694 Frater Genealogy 
6 BUCHANAN / DIBLEY  4 Jun 1932Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7105 Frater Genealogy 
7 BUGDEN / ROFE  1896Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5805 Frater Genealogy 
8 BURKE / EATHER  1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F1990 Frater Genealogy 
9 BURNS / WELLS  5 Apr 1919Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5638 Frater Genealogy 
10 CAMROUX / MACCAULEY  1863Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F597 Frater Genealogy 
11 CAMROUX / MACKEY  1898Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F599 Frater Genealogy 
12 CAMROUX / ORCHARD  1893Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F598 Frater Genealogy 
13 CHAMBERLAIN / GURRIN  1958Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7875 Frater Genealogy 
14 CHAMBERLAIN / HEWITT  1920Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7102 Frater Genealogy 
15 CHAMBERS / BODEN  1887Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7020 Frater Genealogy 
16 CHAMBERS / LAWRENCE  8 Nov 1845Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7075 Frater Genealogy 
17 CHAMBERS / MAWHINNEW  9 Jul 1864Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7018 Frater Genealogy 
18 CHAMBERS / PARKER  29 Feb 1936Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7041 Frater Genealogy 
19 CHAPMAN / SMALL  19 Mar 1844Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6010 Frater Genealogy 
20 CHILTON / NASH  1930Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6547 Frater Genealogy 
21 COLEMAN / SUTHERLAND  1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7548 Frater Genealogy 
22 CONSIDINE / SEVIL  1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6749 Frater Genealogy 
23 COOK / NOAKES  1914Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6154 Frater Genealogy 
24 COUSINS / DENNE  1921Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6265 Frater Genealogy 
25 CRANFIELD / ROURKE  21 Jun 1862Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F5787 Frater Genealogy 
26 CRONK / LAWRENCE  1912Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F4412 Frater Genealogy 
27 CUTHEL / MARDEN  1905Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6116 Frater Genealogy 
28 DENHAM / TAYLOR  1937Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7938 Frater Genealogy 
29 DEPOTTER / MCGUIRE  1892Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F492 Frater Genealogy 
30 DIBLEY / MCPHAIL  10 Jul 1884Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7046 Frater Genealogy 
31 DIETRICH / BRADY  1923Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7709 Frater Genealogy 
32 DOBIE / MULLEN  7 Feb 1900Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6510 Frater Genealogy 
33 DONOVAN / KYTE  1841Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2947 Frater Genealogy 
34 DRAKE / KINGSTON  1889Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F1564 Frater Genealogy 
35 DRANE / BRUGGY  1899Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F767 Frater Genealogy 
36 DREW / TAYLOR  1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7939 Frater Genealogy 
37 DUFFUS / CHAMBERS  1924Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F1254 Frater Genealogy 
38 DUMBRELL / CUMMINGS  3 Mar 1928Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F2080 Frater Genealogy 
39 DUNK / SMALL  2 Mar 1892Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6003 Frater Genealogy 
40 DYKES / SOLOMAN  1885Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6184 Frater Genealogy 
41 DYKES / WILLIAMS  21 Jan 1867Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F933 Frater Genealogy 
42 EATHER / HODGE  1938Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F6301 Frater Genealogy 
43 EATHER / RIDGE  4 Jan 1876Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F3162 Frater Genealogy 
44 ELLISTON / HOFF  1885Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F746 Frater Genealogy 
45 ELPHINSTONE / COOK  1899Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F887 Frater Genealogy 
46 FANNING / LAWRENCE  1903Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F4414 Frater Genealogy 
47 FELTON / DUMBRELL  23 Apr 1883Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F586 Frater Genealogy 
48 FENTON / DIBLEY  1894Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7092 Frater Genealogy 
49 FERGUSON / ROBBIE  1956Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F7295 Frater Genealogy 
50 FLIDE / HUSSEY  1896Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F4591 Frater Genealogy 

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